Wi-tribe call back, with answers on coverage

Wi-tribe, Amman’s new Wimax ISP, who were the subject of a previous post on 360east, called me today. They read the post, found my number and called. I am happy they read blogs.. :-)

I got tentative answers for my coverage questions. Dabouq is covered. Wadi Saqra Street and 3rd Circle: not yet. They cover western Amman to the 4th Circle. More coverage is coming in a few months.

I was more interested in a Wimax connection for my office in lower Wadi Saqra. My Orange ADSL line is enough at home.

I wish someone started offering 4 or 6 Mbit connections with bigger download caps. Jordan Telecom announced that wholesale internet bandwidth will be reduced fro 15%-52% in August. This should translate into 20% reductions for consumers.

Jordan is seriously falling behind when it comes to internet connectivity. As I always say: speeds have to go up and prices down.

Let’s hope that new players like Wi-tribe can help accelerate internet adoption in Jordan and drive the prices down.

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5 Responses to “Wi-tribe call back, with answers on coverage”

  1. Ali Says:

    My father is considering to get Wi-tribe , But i think after this post i will tell him to forget about it , Because it’s going to take for ever to reach his clinic in abo nser area , Orange ADSL it is !

    I hope internet speed go up in jordan , Though the 1mb orange connection at home isn’t that bad , It’s doing good for me.

  2. frenzy Says:

    See this company guys :http://jcs.jo/services.php
    cable internet in Jordan, UNLIMITED Traffic!!, up to 2 mbps, they will provide 10mbps in the near future!!
    oh yeah and you get 70 free tv channels!
    Nice price too!!
    The only downside is that you might have to wait a bit to reach you, but it wont harm contacting customer support to know when.

  3. Tim Says:

    speeds up and prices down…. don’t be silly.

  4. steve Says:

    Ahmad, I dont know if u heard about the Zain wimax 8mega new service. Like to hear from u on this or anyone that have used it

  5. Mar1 Says:

    I have been using Wi-tribe for sometime now, and i have to say, the connection really sucks. The service is fine, I’m subscribed to the 1.5 MB and i’m getting the speed, i even get 1.6 on a nice day.

    But the connection keeps disconnecting, and for some odd reason non of the help crew can assist, i have communicated the error that appears, but nothing has happened since then.

    It is kinda frustrating when calling the call center a few times a day, and still getting the same answers from the different help hosts. Move the modem, make sure it’s in clear area, not covered, logout, log in, and voila! it connects. Thanking them for the excellent service, you hang up and instantly get disconnected!! I suggest a free anger-management course offered for every Wi-tribe subscriber.. :)

    In my opinion, internet issues should be fixed by a higher rep. It should be considered in parliamentary hearings. It is an issue of utter importance, just because the majority are way behind doesn’t mean an educated Jordanian should suffer.

    Mind the french as i don’t like proof reading my own text :)

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