Wall.e: when robots dream of human love

How lucky are we in Amman to get the newest Pixar movie just a few days after its release in America? I went to see Wall.e today with two of my kids at the magnificent new Prime Cinemas in Al Baraka Mall in Sweifieh. We went for the 7:00 pm show and I was surprised to find only a handful of teenagers at the theatre.

It’s 700 year into the future. Mankind as abandoned planet earth after turning it into an inhabitable garbage heap. They all left to a corporate sponsored spaceship and left the job of cleaning up the planet to garbage collecting robots. The job was never done and, 700 years later, only one of the cleaning robots, Wall.e, is still functioning, dutifully compacting the junk into cubes and neatly piling them up into garbage skyscrapers.

But Wall.e is lonely. Over the years he developed a human like character. He gathers all kinds of interesting artifacts and dreams of romance as he watches an old 1960’s musical (on a very old iPod).

Wall.e eventually finds romance. But this takes him into an adventure right in the middle of the huge space ship where humans live (as fat slobs, served by robots and moving only via hovering seats).

Wall.e has received amazing reviews already (just check IMDB). It is the number 1 movie in America today. An amazing feat for a film that is devoid of dialogue for the first 30 minutes which only have two robots and a cockroach who roam a desolate future earth.

Wall.e is a condemnation of corporate greed, the wasting of human existence and our disregard for the planet. It is also a funny romance of robots and an amazing visual feast to behold.

Can’t wait to watch it again :-)

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4 Responses to “Wall.e: when robots dream of human love”

  1. muhammad arrabi Says:

    Me too – can’t wait to see it again :-)
    It was the first movie for my daughter, 2 years old exactly, to see in theater. she loved it. I’m sure we’ll be forced to see it hundreds of times once we get it for her on DVD.

  2. Moey Says:

    Me too! I want to go, I should go tomorrow.

  3. hussein Says:

    i’m going to see it tonight :)

  4. The Observer Says:

    It is an amazing movie! LOVED IT!

    I want one of those moving chairs :P

    It is brilliant the usage of all those human inventions and the promise of the future and the merging of it with the past. It is all done in a smart way.

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