What? No iTunes Music store for Jordan?!

This is so disappointing. Although Jordan is one of only 3 Arab countries who will, later this year, get the iPhone officially, Jordan did not make onto the long list of new countries who yesterday got access to the iTunes music store.

In the Arab world, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon where on. So was Israel. Many other countries are on too, including, for example Pakistan.

Some people say it is just a matter of a short wait till more countries are added. I really hope Jordan will be one of them.

If that happens I will consider buying music from Apple and maybe even get an Apple TV to rent movies.

Yalla, Apple!

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9 Responses to “What? No iTunes Music store for Jordan?!”

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    [...] No iTunes store for Jordan Humeid points out that Apple did not include Jordan in the countries who got an iTunes store the other day. [...]

  2. SaudiMac » Egypt and Jordan left out of the iTunes App Store Says:

    [...] Thanks, Ahmad for the information about the Jordan App Store, or lack of. [...]

  3. Cybermtl Says:

    This is indeed bad news, since i never download any movies or mp3s for free from warez sites i have bookmarked using my premium Rapidshare account.


  4. Dave Says:

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  5. buwaleed Says:

    if you want to open an I itunes account I can get you itunes gift card

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  6. life Says:

    wait!. That not Possible. if Jordan’s iTunes Store is not Avaliable, then Why Jordan’s iPhone 3G is Avaliable?

  7. Rabe'e AbdelWahab Says:

    i know it is a very old post, but problem presists till now, and i was updating my IPOD touch when i noticed there is still no JORDAN on the list till now

    But if you need to buy something, i am updating my ipod in this moment by giving the country as LEBANON.

    Nice blog by the way

  8. Pablo Harris Says:

    While waiting for Apple to get its act together, you can actually buy directly from the USA iTunes store. All you need to do is buy US iTunes gift cards, which you can get online by going to Tunezip – http://www.tunezip.com. You can get apps, movies, music, basically anything from the US itunes store, no matter where you’re connecting from.

  9. Rana Says:

    Im from Lebanon and we do have itunes store but it’s only for apps and this is only good for iphone and ipad but not for my itunes .. I still can’t buy music for my itunes … it’s annoying

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