live blogging from a blogger’s wedding!

i am at roba and musa’s wedding. While everyone is dancing to arabo-pop beats i am siting at the far end of the party live blogging. Just to prove a point. Congratulations!

UPDATE: I just came home past midnight. And here’s a photo I took :-)

Dancing crowd and Roba and Musa's wedding

5 Responses to “live blogging from a blogger’s wedding!”

  1. Moey Says:


  2. 7aki Fadi Says:

    YAAAAAAAY. Mabrook for roba and Moose.

  3. muhammad Says:

    thanks for sharing. congrats to the newly wed.

  4. Bubba Says:

    our “modern” weddings in jordan are soulless, fake and thus boring.. you HAVE to keep up appearances even if you’re: tired, hate the guts out of the bride and groom or just aint in the mood.

    now, the “not so modern” weddings have lots of soul and everybody dances and all have fun cuz they’re genuinely having fun which i respect.. but to me its just a funny show: guys dancing alone with no sign of girls around – to out-of-tone, very loud music (mostly mejwez or and old org)..

    PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT IN OUR SOCIETY IT’S THE PARENTS PARTY NOT THE BRIDE AND GROOM’S.. “biddi ajawwez el walad w 2a3mel 6anneh w ranneh”

    whether modern or not so, it’s a comedy show for me, i look for 1 minute and laugh my guts out, then i’m bored and go away and leave them gUys alone..
    so I don’t blame you if you end up working on your laptop whether blogging or whatever that you do..

  5. Amira Says:

    Where was this wedding? I’m getting married in Amman next year though I’ve never lived there, and need to find somewhere other than the top fancy hotels.

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