Ikbis.com breaks new records and launches cool video player


ikbis.com's new video page design

What an amazing ride for ikbis.com over the past 8 weeks!

The site’s traffic has shot up. We’re talking about a many-fold growth which necessitated the addition of new servers to the infrastructure!

The Groundzero episodes have been coming out every monday. The first season of 13 episodes (the guys prefer to call them “the 12.5 episodes”) is now over. Watch out for season 2.

The ikbis team has also been busy putting out new “channels”. Check out, for example, the Khobbeizeh channel. More exciting developments on this front are being cooked.

And today, the site has a new advanced video player with improved features, interface and performance. One of my favorite new features of the new player is the ability to skip forward by dragging the player head on the timeline. The new player also looks pretty cool if I may say so..

And to top it all off, Ikbis redesigned one of its key pages, which we call the “single shot” page (in other words the page used to display a particular video or photo). The new design is more compact/streamlined, giving user easier access to related content, commenting, embedding and social bookmarking services.

The design also reflects the increasing demand from advertisers that ikbis has been experiencing, especially in the Gulf region.
The best thing of all, is that all of this work is coming out from the small team of developers, designers and producers at the ikbis office, who have shown that, with dedication, focus and a bit of crazy experimentation you CAN create a great web business without the need for a huge “management team” or “support personnel” and stuff like that.

Check it out now..

the new ikbis.com flash video player

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5 Responses to “Ikbis.com breaks new records and launches cool video player”

  1. Nas Says:

    Great changes and great work guys!

    The only suggestion I have, and have always had for that matter, is that there be RSS feeds for our shots. That would really make an impact for ikbis. So many of us are bloggers who want to put up streams or badges of their ikbis accounts instead of having to rely on flickr plugins.

    Just a thought.

  2. Ikbis Launch New Advanced Video Player - StartUpArabia Says:

    [...] According to Ahmad Humeid, CEO of TootCorp, Ikbis’ parent company, the design also takes into consideration the increasing demand from advertisers that ikbis has been experiencing, especially in the Gulf region. Share this post: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

  3. za3tar Says:

    Great Work Guys!
    The new player looks awesome.
    I hope though you enhance your search functionality. Often i know that a certain video or image exists (because i saw it before), but i search for it and don’t find it.

  4. Huda Says:

    allow me Ahmad to reply to Naseem & za3tar

    we have a widget on ikbis that allows you to choose whether to display photos or videos or both on your blog.you can find it under settings in your dashboard


    search is always tricky even on google it depends on the words you put in your search,we have the option of searching for photos videos and people and it is very senstive ,you have to write a key word of the shot you are looking for if you remember one coz some users change the title sometimes into something of their choice and might not be related to the shot..might be wow great shot.or check this out..or might be in arabic.
    we are open to any suggestions concerning that matter

    thank you Ahmad for the topic we love ikbis and our love and passion is our drive.

  5. ArabCrunch Says:

    Good to know that, would mind sharing with us current traffic stats?

    On the other hand why u do not share Ikbis and watwet news with ArabCrunch? where is ur PR guys? wawet was mentioned several times recently on AC, and there has been a conversation around it.

    As for search Ihave a good idea to improve it you can use BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service)



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