A Porsche, smashed

Porsche smashed
This morning I found this Porsche at the end of cull-de-sac in Amman. I could not resist taking a photo. [Click to enlarge].

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8 Responses to “A Porsche, smashed”

  1. Yazan Says:

    I know this area?! Where do you live?

  2. Tarek Says:

    ya di3ana

    al akh mta2ill 3al s7oor…

  3. Sameer Sami abu asal Says:

    ya 7arama :(

  4. Dave Says:

    Ouch. That would suck if it was a hit-and-run.

  5. nasimjo Says:

    holy falafel!

    isnt this the porsche that kinzi cursed :D

  6. Tim Says:

    That is my cul-de-sac!
    That is my neighbor’s porsche!
    I am telling the truth y’all!

    Do you live nearby Ahmed?


  7. Tim Says:

    by the way… it wasn’t a hit and run. my neighbor’s little brother somehow got in this accident “on the way to Jordan University”. I take a class there and have been driving there lately… don’t see where he could gain up enough speed and have opposing traffic to destroy him like that. He lived though so yay for him.


    ps… he was too young be driving a slick car like that anyway.

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