Ron Paul fan trying to reach out to 360east readers..

Just got this comment from a supporter of Ron Paul, the renegade Republican/Libertarian US presidential candidate who has caused quite a stir on the net and beyond in the ongoing presidential campaign. The man has a strong grassroots following and is currently a bit of a headache to the campaign of John McCain, which is probably a good thing :-)

If you are interested in US politics, check out Ron Paul on Wikipedia.

Here’s the message I got:

I am asking you to post this url to get us more attention to try and get this Revolution underway. Ron Paul is a congressman from Texas whom we support and are trying to get more attention to. We want a Revolution in America to take back our country from the money masters and their lapdogs like President Bush and McCain, Obama, etc. Today (sept 2nd) we are trying to ‘take over the internet’ to get past the propagandist media, please help us. Shukron (sp)

While you’re at it, you might want to check out the other “alternative” candidate, Ralph Nader, the Arab/Lebanese American consumer rights and environmental activist, who has been running for president for ages.

Ralph Nader's website

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