Hey Jordan: What magazines do you read?

What magazines do you read?
Do your friends read magazines?
Where do you buy them?
How many magazines do you buy every month?

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27 Responses to “Hey Jordan: What magazines do you read?”

  1. Magnus Says:

    Hey, what about Shuffle? (http://www.emiratesmac.com/index.php?page=newsletter)... I read all kinds of tech and gadget magazines mostly. I buy some in book stores and some I subscribe to with Zinio.

  2. Roba Says:

    I read Nox, Skin, Jo, Viva, and U. My friends don’t read magazines much, I buy them at Aramex stands, usually in supermarkets when grocery shopping. I often don’t buy them though, just read them while at the gym or waiting at the dentists or something.
    As for the average, perhaps one or two a month.

  3. adel Says:

    Scientific American (online subscription )
    National Geographic (online subscription )
    Al3arabi (basta fi wast elbalad)

  4. Lowfields Says:

    “None whatsoever” would seem to be the most accurate answer….

  5. How does the collective brain think? Says:

    “Read?? Who would want to read when you can play video games on your cell phone ?!”
    Actual quote from a freshman student at the University of Texas

  6. Doe John Says:

    hmmm is this a free marketing survey?!!

  7. kinzi Says:

    I used to subscribe to JO & VIVA. I stopped this month, as JO is just too predictable, biased and dark (even tho’ Lina’s brightness helped) and VIVA has become a verbal Layalina under new management. What little content that was there, is no longer.

    We’ll be buying Jordan Business now at Safeway.

    Yes, we swap mags with friends all the time.

  8. Noura Says:

    I don’t buy magazines; though I read a lot of the ones available at the gym, my favorites are Newsweek and Jo. I also like Al Weibdeh magazine which my dad buys regularly. A+U is the only magazine I borrow from CC’s library and is my favorite architectural magazine, (which when I can afford will start to buy regularly)!!

  9. Sami Says:

    PC World, Economist, The Independent, Der Spiegel (sp), and for laughs I real local mags and newspapers.

  10. Lina Shehadeh Says:

    Hey Ahmad! Good move.
    I read business and marketing mags, triathlon, sports, comm. and arts, all through subscriptions with the sources, mags such as businessweek, the economist, 220 triathlon, bicycle, comm. arts, CMYK, etc.. I also have some “e” subscriptions in mags. I get the less priority topics, such as furniture and house designs, Oprah… from mags stands, mostly from books@cafe and cosmo.. very convenient
    Good luck

  11. Lina Shehadeh Says:

    oh, national geographic as well ;)

  12. Ahmad Says:

    I rarely read magazines these days. Because I get my reading fix, whether for information or entertainment, from the internet. I do however occasionally (like once every few months) buy a magazine off the shelf if the feature story or one that is listed on the cover is of great interest to me.

    Magazines I bought recently: Men’s Health, Jordan Business, Electronic Gaming Monthly… and it’s always when I’m doing grocery shopping at Cosmo or Safeway.

  13. Humeid Says:

    Wow. this is fantastic feedback. keep the comments coming. I really appreciated the extra info that you have been providing about your reading habits.

    Kinzi: your description of JO as “dark” is intriguing.

    Doe: yes, I am trying to figure something out for a client. But the I think the insights will be useful for everyone who likes magazines and is interested in getting more people to read in Jordan :-)

    I will tell you what I read later :-)

  14. kinzi Says:

    Ahmed, maybe it’s because I read the last three issues cover-to-cover in one sitting. I did laugh seeing you quoted in the ‘bra’ art display, lol.

    I forgot we subscribe to International Business Week, too.

  15. Onzlo Says:

    Jo + Venture

  16. ArabianMonkey Says:

    I’m not subscribed to a single weekly nor monthly nor daily in print – but I do have some subs online. Although most of my news and reads are online, I still love stopping at the news stand, flipping thru mags, and buying the ones I like – I do this regularly, but I don’t buy the same ones every month though – I pick and choose whatever I feel like that month/week. Every now and then, I find that the online read leads me to pick up the print from the stand. I like flipping pages, writing on them and ripping them out :)

    – AlArabi (old faithful) – Newsweek (old faithful) – Time (old faithful) – Vanity Fair – New Yorker – Harvard Business Review – Nat Geo – Bidoun – Reader’s Digest – Archie Comics – Jo – Jordan Business – Islamica – Italian Vogue

    There are others, but your anti-abuse will probably nail me!

  17. ArabianMonkey Says:

    how could i forget to also list: MAD ;P

  18. Batir Wardam Says:

    I buy four weekly magazines on regular basis: The Economist, the Arab edition of Newsweek, the Saudi Pan Arab magazine “Al Majallah” and the UAE football magazine “Super”. The montly collection is Jordan Property, Jordan Business, Venture and Al Arabi. I read New Scientist on weekly basis by subscription to the library of the British Council.

  19. Basem Says:

    Beside Popular Science (A habit since high-school) during the odd excursion to the supermarket, I rarely buy any magazine, especially the English glossy ones!

    Because the latter “generally” tend to reflect an image of Jordan that I’m not entirely sure if it even exists! With few exceptional reads & editorials now and then from certain writers/bloggers. I do scroll through them when at a waiting room or at some cafes.

    Jordan Business seemed promising, but then it has the tendency to dramatize the volatile nature of our economy while lacking real insight such as the one expects in the like of Fortune and the Economist, yes; the look and feel is there, but no substance to match.

  20. me Says:

    Mustashar is an excellent magazine for personal finance.

  21. Biased Says:

    Nox magazine has to be among the best magazines produced in the Arab world.

  22. nasimjo Says:

    JO Magazine mainly,its probably the best jordanian option out-there.

    sometimes we at home buy some other mags, just like venture, and Hello, and Paris Match.

    We buy them from Aramex corners in hypermarkets or from Prime Mega Store.

  23. Lowfields Says:

    The selection of magazines listed above is revealing – and a little strange. It seems Jordanian readers pick up magazines for:

    – News, largely from a Western perspective.
    – Economic/business information.
    – Very local (if not downright parochial) news and information.

    Other than a couple of references to Mad, the New Yorker and perhaps Nox, the usual reasons for magazine purchases in more media-savvy environments in the West bear no relation to choices made in Jordan, such as:

    – Entertainment (reading a magazine for its humour or sheer literary pleasure, like FHM and Heat at one extreme, Harpers or Vanity Fair at the other).
    – Reflecting a highly specialised interest (cars, football, travel, etc)
    – Reflection of a desired lifestyle (GQ, Wallpaper, etc)

    It seems magazines here are actually an extension of (or substitute for) newspapers, where raw, largely dispassionate and often local information is prized more highly than the usual magazine considerations of style, presentation, entertainment or production quality.

    Is this a reflection of the media available in Jordan, how it is consumed or the people consuming it?

  24. shalabieh Says:

    none I dont enjoy the content. Will browse through some occasionally while waiting at a hairdresser, doc or some such waiting room.

  25. Khawaja M. Says:

    JO + Venture + Jordan Business + Entrepreneur :)

  26. Adam The Photographer Says:

    Well, actually Jordanian published media is expanding in a good way!

    I don’t read that much, but I look @ the ads and the artistic photography work on some local magazines; Skin, nox, Jo sometimes, U.

  27. Samer S. Says:

    Well guys I’m quite empressed at the list of English Magazines submitted in this blog!
    Well I actually recommend looking for a self-help magazine called Beity..they present a best selling book, and discuss ideas relative to the book but that talks really about our community…very interesting and many of our friends (young couples) read it!! it’s in Arabic, a thought-provoking material from start to end!! you’ll be surprized to read such deep ideas in Jordan..I used to get it for free at my office but now I’m a loyal subscriber!
    I usually borrow newsweek from my dad who’s a loyal fan to Al-Arabi as well… such a great magazine… other than that …really Idon’t feel it’s worth the effort of buying!! u just can scan through them while at the barbor or at the gym!!
    Good luck in your research.

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