Random observation of the day: Amstel Zero is horrible

Amstel Zero
I found Amstel Zero bottles in the fridge of a local supermarket tonight. It’s the first time I see this product. I am a big fan of non-alcoholic malt beverages so I wanted to try it out.

Very, VERY disappointing. It tastes flat. Too sweet. It smells as if they added rose water to it!

It sort of reminds me of of another horrible non alcoholic beer: the Jordanian Vita.

Amstel Zero is made in Egypt. I looked at the ingredients: apart from water and malt, it has sugar, lactic acid and “natural flavorings” in it.

I also looked at a bottle of Swiss made Moussy, and I also found sugar on the ingredients list, but also ginger.

My favorite remains Barbican.

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12 Responses to “Random observation of the day: Amstel Zero is horrible”

  1. Tim Says:

    Well it’s no barbican or Moussey. Heh.
    I found it to be pretty decent in line with non-alcoholic beers. If I had my druthers and drank I would be drinking Guinness or some other non-crappy beer. Problem is that none of the good beer brewers make an non-alcoholic counterpart… looks like i’ll be relegated to drinking the Amstel Zero for now.

    Isn’t there a barbican plain malt flavor? How is that?

  2. Yazan Says:

    “It smells as if they added rose water to it!”

    This is so true! And I hate rose water.

  3. sasjamal Says:

    The best non-alcoholic malt beverage is a Heinkens.


  4. Max Payne Says:

    Try Holsten and Bavaria.

  5. Tim Says:

    ... going to buy some Heinekin non-alcoholic today.


  6. Moey Says:


  7. Raji Says:

    all non-alcoholic malts suck.. they’re just a substitute for beer but taste nothing like it, barbican suck mussy suck, they all suck suck suck

  8. Roland Says:

    Try Clausthaller, a great non-alcoholic beer. It really does taste good and best of all it brewed in Germany. Not sure if it’s sold in Jordan…

  9. Onzlo Says:

    Wow people actually drink non-alcoholic beer?!

  10. Tim Says:

    I am blogging a “Non-Alcoholic Beer Roundup” where I will taste test and critique different brands of NA Beer. I am still looking of Heinekin… does anybody know where I can pick some up? And are all liquor stores closed during Ramadan?


  11. sasjamal Says:

    I dunno about all the liquor stores, but as for Heinekens – I am sorry, I was actually making a joke.

    Its a great ‘alcoholic’ malt beverage, lol.

    I did not mean to send you on a goose chase.


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