Watwet: new look, stronger taste

Watwet new look home page

Watwet fans had a big watweting party today, with the launch of the site’s new look and features. The new look is a complete departure from what the site was launched with late last year. For me, one of the most important features of Watwet is the badge that can be added to you blog or personal home page. I added the Watwet badge on 360east a few hours ago. Cool.

The other piece of big news is that Watwet is coming to Saudi Arabia via Mobily, the country’s second largest mobile operator. This opens a huge market for Watwet and is a first step in the site’s regional and possible global expansion.

Instead of rambling on, why don’t I just point you to the review on Startup Arabia..

Or just check out Watwet now.

Watwet new look.

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7 Responses to “Watwet: new look, stronger taste”

  1. Nas Says:


    (from an envious and overcome-with-feelings-of-marginalization, Orange Telecom user who cannot enjoy watwet!)

  2. Basem Says:

    Humeid, answer this one please, why isn’t watwet operator-agnostic? I understand everyone can use it through WAP or on their micro-browsers given they have GPRS setup on thier phones, but that’s nowhere close to getting crisp SMS alerts and updating one’s status through SMS?

  3. Humeid Says:


    If you’re willing to subsidize all of watwet’s outgoing SMS cost from your pocket we’ll go operator agnostic/neutral. A service like twitter is burning through millions of funding to subsidize sms traffic.

    We don’t have millions to burn and even if we did we’d be reluctant to blow them of sms subsidy.

    So.. we decided to go for a model that works with the operators.

    This alienates users who are not on the networks we work with, but, as you said, it is not a total alienation. There are many ways to use Watwet.

    The mobile messaging space is also constantly evolving, opening new possibilities for Watwet as well ;-)

    Thanks for the interest..

  4. Humeid Says:

    Thanks Nas. Maybe you find solace in the fact that you Orange users will exclusively have the iPhone officially.. :-)

  5. Nas Says:

    Humeid…no solace there brother…i just recently got the n95 8gb! :-D

    thankfully, it is ikbis-friendly, which rocks! :-D

  6. Nadine Says:

    Loving the new watwet. It was love at first sight actually….

  7. ArabCrunch Says:

    Watwet Redesigns, Now Supports Mobliy the Second KSA’s Mobile Operator….

    Watwet the micro blogging & social networking Arabian clone of Twitter has launched a new design today with some new features. ( I have reviewed watwet in the past here)

    What is new:
    The new design is very nice, sleek and straightforward, I per…

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