Meet the G1 Google phone

T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone

UPDATE 24 September, 2008: Read my post-launch impressions on the G1 Google Phone.

Watch the TV commercial

The press conference has not happened yet, but the official shots are already on the web. This is the T-Mobile G1 Google Android based phone to be released today.

Engadget has the specs..
I am looking forward to an actual review of the thing. But there seems to be already one piece of bad news: despite it’s 3.1 MP camera, it won’t shoot video. WHAT????

Is there a conspiracy against someone like me. The iPhone doesn’t shoot video and G1 doesn’t as well??..

Anyway, I will have another look at this later today.

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4 Responses to “Meet the G1 Google phone”

  1. Hamzeh N. Says:

    The video problem is definitely a software feature thing. Android is a new platform and porting the drivers on top of it is no easy task, especially when you’re talking about very proprietary Qualcomm software.

    I’m glad to see this project finally commercialized.

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