New Mac vs PC ads: just don’t say the “V” word

Microsoft is spending US$ 300 Million on a campaign to fix Vista’s image and counter attacks Apple’s long standing and very successful Mac vs PC TVC series. They started with ads featuring Bill Gates with Jerry Seinfeld. Then the stopped that and came up with a pretty cool “I am a PC” campaign.

Now Apple is hitting back. Hilarious stuff.

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2 Responses to “New Mac vs PC ads: just don’t say the “V” word”

  1. Dave Says:

    Yeah, funny stuff. It goes right in line with Apple’s #4 reason why Macs are selling much better this year: Vista. And they had a good laugh when they announced it because it’s something that they had no hand in whatsoever.

  2. Moey Says:

    hahaha sexy!

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