Nokia 5800 XpressMusic ships in the UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in December ’08


I had my first chance to touch the Nokia XpressMusic at the Nokia Dead Sea MENA event. I will try to share my experience with it later on. But it has just been announced that device will make its way to the stores in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and, yes, Jordan, in December. The original launch plan was to only start in the UAE, but Nokia decided to expand the launch territory.

Pricing will be around 279 Euros.

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  1. eSanctorium » Blog Archive » [UPDATE] Middle east release of the Nokia 5800 aka “The Tube” Says:

    [...] Now the thing that struck me was at the Nokia concept store. They knew what i was talking about, but the guy said there was no official word on the middle east release of this phone. Off the record, he told me within the next two weeks. If a few of you read my last post on the Nokia 5800, i mentioned that the sales person at Jumbo Electronics (MOE) told me an approximate date of “within the first 2 weeks of November 2008“. A friend of mine told me to check out this other website called 360east that further disregards any proposed speculation of release dates given here and says it will be launched in December 2008. [...]

  2. Melvin Says:

    Hai… dis phone seems to b a really big hit.. im just crashin down 4 dis 1… i checked in the E max in UAE yesterday.. dey said il hav to wait another 1 week.. nw dis site is sayin dat i need to wait till december.. Is der any other options to get dis phone b4 date.. can i ask sme1 frm europe to buy dis nd send it to me through sme1.. will it find difficulty in workin wit etisalat ..pls reply.

  3. 3liyah Says:

    hey there ..

    im really wondering if there is an official release date in the UAE soon ..

    could some1 plz fill us in on that ??

    coz every1 is jst spreadin rumors here n there ..

    thnx alot ..

  4. 5800_Fan Says:

    I think Nokia 5800 is all set to to be unleashed in UAE on December. I went to Axiom (City Centr, Shj) yesterday, they even have a holder set ready for it..!! I saw it myself. I gave them my card, booked a Nokia 5800 black, and they promised me that they will let me know the moment it lands there…May be you guys should also do the same..This babe seems to be a hotcake..!!

  5. Gaj Says: .. updates on the Nokia Music store middle east and asia as well as the 5800’s first look in dubai.

  6. and Says:

    can u please tell me the approximate price of the new nokia 5800
    thank you very much…

  7. hamid Says:

    my english is not good,sorry!
    you said nokia 5800 available in december 08 in uae! i want to know,you said this from what source?
    it’s mean in monday i can buy 5800 in uae?!!
    because i am living in iran and nokia does not suppurt us, i shuld buy it from uae, if you can tell me when phon available in uae by email: , i’m very very happy.
    thank you and again sorry for my bad english.
    best wish for you…

  8. murad Says:

    Hello Jordan

    if your asking (how can i get Nokia 5800 in Jordan ?)

    you can buck this phone in Jordan … and as soon as they bring it to Jordan … you can go get it !

    the price is 255JD (proximity-360$ US dollars)

    if you want one : take your ID card + 55 JD or 255 JD
    they will give you a nice orange card witch MUST HAVE (Golden) sign on it!...
    (Golden = The warranty Of Nokia in jordan)

    you will trade the Orange card with the actual phone when you get a call and visit the Nokia shop where you signed in … after you finish your payment of the phone if you already didn’t !
    (255 JD is final price Don’t worry !)

    from – Amman – city mall – and some other places in the capital

    the sales person told me bucking cards are limited maybe it is

    it has commercials on ( news paper + Radio + mobile stores doors )

    the phones will be here in 2 – 3 weeks(sales man told me this)

    sorry for my poor English

  9. Vijay Teki Says:

    Hi, I bought 5800 XpressMusic yesterday (7 Dec 2008) from Carrefour (Shindaga) in Dubai for Dhs 1409.00 (US$ 384.0) and I also got a Bluetooth headset free! In Bur Dubai souk, it was Dhs 1470.00. So careful if you are buying from the Souk, it is a bit more expensive. I am very happy with it. It has amazing screen resolution and looks great. Good luck!

  10. Iby Tupac Says:

    Befor a week, i paid 255(JD’s) at the nokia store(City Mall). And i had a chance to play with it a littel bit. :)

    Anyway am still waiting for them to call me and tell me to get it. Today is 13th dec 2008.

  11. Shayan Says:

    Hi the ones who bought it in Dubai, is it still avaialble and in what color?

  12. tareq Says:

    a few beta versions were put into stores i wonder if this is one of them.

  13. Asim Says:

    i want to just conformed the price of Nokia 5800 in the UAE

  14. Saad Says:

    is nokia 5800 supported arabic language? if yes, i would like to buy it from spain.
    and about the other languages?

  15. Mohd Says:

    Whatever it is, once any touch phone gets any damages it can’t be repaired as easy as other phones

  16. jhon Says:

    i bought the nokia 5800 xpress music and oh my god it is very very cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  17. Ahmad Says:

    why are you so sure that it will get damage in an easy way,just keep it in a safe place or use it cautiously

  18. erik Says:

    Hi could anyone please tell me the price of the Nokia 5800 at the moment in Dubai?
    I’m coming there in a week and i’m really looking forward in buying the 5800 there. And it would be really nice if someone could tell me where is the best place to go buy it, where can I get the best deal?
    Thank you.

  19. Sitaram Bhattarai Says:

    May i know what is the actual price of Nokia 5800 in DUBAI.

  20. chirag Says:

    how much dhs is 5800 xpress music in dubai now in april


  21. ratheesh Says:

    how much dhs is 5800 xpress music in dubai now in april

  22. crossfire Says:

    i’ll be comin to dubai during 1st week of may, and planning to get a nokia 5800 xpress music… how much will it cost me then??

  23. m ali Says:

    the price of 5800 nokia is DHS 1111.
    from e city wafi centre telephone 80032489

  24. Vineed Says:


    the price of Nokia 5800 when i purchased ie, on June 2009 was 1250/- dhs….its a amazing mobile….

  25. mobilephoneonly Says:

    I am a Nokia fan and got my 5800 as soon as it’s available in the market, so here’re some tips to use it. Do remember to turn the GPS, Wi-fi down if you are in no need for them, as they are reall power killers. You will run out power soon. Or if you’re a heavy user, then you should as well buy another battery.

  26. Alex Schmeidler Says:

    I have uncovered my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic cell being the finest general I’ve owned. Just desire it had a slide out qwerty keyboard! Anyway, it doesn’t so ample is enough. A whole lot of persons whine in regards to the camera, it does suck, but it is not that critical to me-I have a excellent Canon SD950 digital camera if I want pics. I am actually please with how customizable it is and all of the issues I can do with it. Demands charging pretty much every day when used a fair bit. Thinking about debranding it. Rogers (Canada) keeps issues quite locked down and also the highest fw I have been ready to upgrade to is v30 (one thing like that cannot recall the exact quantity in the moment). Sounds like v40 has some good characteristics I am missing out on.Well, glad I discovered this forum, I hope to learn a good deal more about what I can perform with my cell phone.

  27. yaseen Says:

    can u tell me the prie rate for nokia 5800 and nokia n97

  28. ashiquekkm Says:

    my phone nokia5800
    i love nokia5800
    thi is good one

  29. sageer Says:

    i love n5800

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