360east Exclusive: First ever demo of Amman’s GPS map on a Nokia device


Amman GPS map

Amman GPS map

Yes you read it right. Amman is finally getting a navigable GPS map. And that’s thanks to Nokia, who will be providing it for free for its Nseries and Eseries devices. I got a private demonstration of the map by Nokia today (see video below). This is the first time it has ever been shown to anyone and its worth noting that the map is still in “beta” as Nokia told me, but we should expect a release by the end of this year.

I was able to check the map out for a few minutes. It certainly covers a large part of Amman. On the western end of the city, I found that it stops at the Medical City road. But that might change with the final release of the map. Proper GPS mapping for Jordan’s highways is also coming.

The really exciting thing is that the map includes loads of “points of interest”. Museums, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, places of worship, etc are all marked down on this map. I checked the 5th circle area for example, and found the Greater Amman grill, Whispers and Fame in their right places.

The map has all the street names and district names as well.

While the map itself is free, the voice assisted navigation features on Nokia Maps is a paid service. Users get a free one or two week trial to test it. One cool thing is that the assisted voice navigation comes in multiple languages including Arabic.

Check out the video below (excuse the lousy quality)

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23 Responses to “360east Exclusive: First ever demo of Amman’s GPS map on a Nokia device”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    That’s awesome!!

  2. Thaer Says:


  3. Jansait Says:

    looks super cool to me! only to Nokia? no Sony ericsson? and i thought this is by network provider not phone vendors :S

    and what bugs did you find so far? how can we try it?

    Thanks for posting :)

  4. Nadine Says:

    Finally! Excellent. Now we need to find ways to get the service widespread and used- cabs, services, delivery, etc – this way the app becomes of true use and benefit.

  5. Hani Obaid Says:

    Finally, it’s about time we join civilization!

  6. Ali Says:

    Finaly! That is very cool

  7. Ali Says:

    will it work now on my Nokia E71?

  8. Ahmed Says:

    we need arabic map

  9. Sha3teely » Blog Archive » A website or database for Amman’s public transportation is needed! Says:

    [...] Today we have lots of google maps for Amman and even now we have GPS maps.. all what we have to do is to place the current routs of public buses and service taxies on those maps. Include the stop locations of these transportations. Create a simple web application to suggest how can people go from point to point. calculate cost of the journey and maybe estimate time .. would be amazing.. [...]

  10. Jordan Getting First PND Ever In January 2009 | GPS Obsessed Says:

    [...] This is a brave move by the two companies.  To my knowledge, Nokia has enough mobile market share in Jordan to have recently debuted Amman maps as part of its Nokia Maps service.  The maps are free to ESeries and NSeries Nokia phone owners, and can also pair with turn-by-turn voice navigation–though that requires payment.  I find it unlikely that a single PND would be able to beat out the world’s leading cellphone provider. [...]

  11. Rabee Says:


  12. joe Says:

    i have an HTC PDA it has GPS and i need to know where i can get the gps map of amman for free online…i travel to amman a lot and i need such a service

  13. Ahmad Al-Obaidy Says:

    I’ve downloaded the Nokia Maps 3.0 BETA from http://www.nokia.com/betalabs/maps

    I couldn’t install it on my n95 8GB… when I checked out I found the “Compatibility and system requirements” section states:
    “Maps 3.0Beta works with all Nokia devices based on S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (see devices) except N96, where we have still known compatibility issues. S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 support coming soon. ”

    how did u solved this problem, since you are using the program on n95 phone?

  14. James Says:

    Has Nokia released the updated version of the Jordan maps? Also will it work on the 6210 Navigtor?

  15. Zaid Says:

    Thank you for the info.
    Is this available yet?

  16. Jum'a Says:

    thank you

  17. ZooZ Says:

    Is there a version available for PocketPC ?

  18. Faris Says:

    How can I download it??????????????

  19. Al Tal Says:

    thats great. at last we are doing something good,,, but i hope its working ;)

  20. ahmad Says:

    how can i buy it for 5800

  21. ZooZ Says:

    If you want the map for PocketPC, drop me an email :

  22. minna Says:

    hi,my friend bought an htc phone online but the people at the airport refused to hand it to him due to gps system contained in it. they told him it is still illegal in jordan.he was told have to sign an agreement for some kind of approval? can someone really explain but this?

  23. mike b Says:

    I had my Garmin GPS withheld at the airport this month as well in Amman and was told that GPS wasn’t legal. This was being said while a nearby guard was talking on a GPS enabled phone. Fortunately the iphone in my pocket didn’t come up. I wasn’t going to question it then, but when I pick it up when I leave in a week and a half, I’ll ask some more detailed questions.

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