What are those Toot people up to?

The Toot Team

I walked into our office the other day, and found a dangerous meeting taking place. What the heck are Wael, Roba, Karim, George and Munther up to?

I called this meeting the Toot Coup d’état (or Toot Coup d’état)..

Well, actually I was invited to it but arrived extremely late, not even remembering that the meeting was that day!).

The only missing person from this scene would have been Jad Madi, TootCorp’s first developer, who helped us launch Toot on 1.1.2006, pioneering the idea of an Arab blog network based on handpicking the best Arab and Arab related blogs from around the globe..

Yes, my friends, Toot will soon celebrate it’s 3rd birthday. Unbelievable but true.

Anyone who has been following our story knows that the Toot team got busy with creating Ikbis (some of you might remember our BIG YELLOW BUTTON from November 2006)..
ikbis big yellow button

Ikbis has grown into a real company with a bigger team. Toot, while continuing to be updated and maintained, did not receive any development attention, although it received a lot of love an attention from bloggers, journalists, academics and readers..

Then Watwet came along in 2008..


Karim was banished to the Watwet island and the team was split to develop and support Ikbis and Watwet independently.


Why is everyone in the same room?

All I can say is that it was a very exciting meeting, of which I only attended the last 10 minutes. There was a warm feeling that brought back memories of the “early days”, when blogging was cool and everything seemed possible. Even more important, Toot was discussed and some exciting ideas were not just thrown around but also agreed upon.

That’s all I can say at the moment..

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3 Responses to “What are those Toot people up to?”

  1. Nas Says:

    well despite the teaser, suffice to say you guys have done an amazing job and the organization seems to have matured and grown in the past three years to cover more internet realms which is always a great sign.

    toot has been somewhat “ignored” (although that’s not the right word for it), despite Roba’s daily effort which everyone can visibly see, and I guess that’s due to all the other ventures.

    so if i had to guess, it looks like toot will be blooming in a bigger, better, bolder field pretty soon. and just in time. i think the arabian blogosphere is ripe for picking. ok. enough with the toot metaphors.

    it’s probably already in the works, but it’ll be nice to see greater integration of the three products: toot, ikbis and watwet.

    best of luck guys and bravo for all the hard work!

  2. Jad Says:

    Toot days were the best in my practical experience and I still long for its cultural and the work environment.

    Wish you the best guys and inshallah we’ll see you jumping from success into another :-)

    The former developer ;)

  3. Ali Says:

    Toot did a great job in the begining only but I don’t know how you guys plan to expand when someone who has a blog like me applied for listing it and didnt get receive any answer from you. Consitency is very important in your job

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