Netanyahu copies Obama’s site

Netyahu steals from Obama
Not only is he a wicked, right wing, anti-peace and previously failed politician. Now he’s also a web design plagiarizer? Benjamin Netanyahu basically copied Barack’s Obama web site design style and adopted it for his upcoming bid to become prime minister of Israel.

What a joke.

There is no way in hell Netanyahu can be Israel’s Obama. Their discourse and attitude is different. Barack is a new face that promises change. Netanyahu has been prime minister before, with disastrous results when it comes to the peace process.

Maybe he or his web design consultants thought to themselves “why don’t we just copy Obama’s web design and maybe we’ll win”.

Totally lame..

Read the New York Times’ story on this fiasco..

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6 Responses to “Netanyahu copies Obama’s site”

  1. Hareega Says:

    maybe he though Barack Obama stole his name from Ehud Barack so it was fair game

  2. Amashkalgy Says:

    ماذا تتوقع من لصوص

  3. Nadine Says:

    LOL! He wins for carving a whole new bottom for the pit of shame.

    It’s people like him who abuse the industry of communication and creativity and interesting minds! At a time when people are aching for conversations that are relevant to them, he thinks stealing an already crafted package can work for him! LOL. Axelrod ought to be livid!

    Netanyahu is a non believer. He has no faith. That’s why such actions are acceptable practice to him. I think belittling the individuality and uniqueness of your target audience and giving them a rip off copycat campaign tactic is quite insulting to Israelis actually.

  4. Hussein Says:

    at least they were aware to RTL issue :D

  5. Dr. Who Says:

    i dont follow politics
    i dont care for netanyahu
    i only know a little bit about israeli’s and they are pragmatic, they dont follow such stupid schemes (maybe i’m wrong)
    but can it simply be that the design follows the israeli flag? at least in terms of colors?

    although the campaign adviser admitted that they used the same format, i still dont get how the NYT says that the fonts are the same in both sites, English and hebrew cant be compared and all know that hebrew font in based on square shapes, so any square-like font in english will resemble hebrew

  6. Ordinary Guy Says:

    I think there are far more important matters to discuss than a website. So what? No one has privy to ideas. If there is a resemblance between the two web sites, just ebjoy them both with the same verve. Children quibble. Now cut it out.

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