New unibody MacBooks spotted in Amman

I got my first hands on experience with the new unibody MacBooks at SmartBuy yesterday Friday. Both the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros are available at SmartBuy and Virgin Megastore. At Virgin they are safely hidden away in their packages, as some Virgin employees were busy either perfectly aligning gadget boxes in shelves, dusting off or being plainly ignorant (the Samsung person there doesn’t know what Blu-ray is).

At SmartBuy as 13” MacBook was on display. What an amazing machine. The carved aluminum body is something to behold. And the thing is really light. The new trackpad works well. I tried a few multi-touch tricks on that. Simply adorable hardware!

The 15” MacBook pro retails for JD 1899 for the 2.4 Ghz version and 2345 for the 2.5 Ghz version. That’s generally in keeping with the long standing One Dollar equals One Dinar pricing reality in this part of the world (where we make less much less money than our American friends but are expected to pay 30% or more for the hardware we buy).

The MacBook (which I think was the entry level version) is foe JD 1320.

I also asked about the iPod touch. 8 GB is for JD 279 and the 16 GB is for 379.

I am thinking of getting and iMac for the kids soon. I asked about the entry level model: 20” screen and 2.4 Ghz processor: JD 1320.

So there you have it ;-)

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6 Responses to “New unibody MacBooks spotted in Amman”

  1. Magnus Says:

    They are nice aren’t they? I’m very happy with my new MacBook.

  2. Moey Says:

    Nice prices.

  3. Ammar Ibrahim Says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a MBP and the new 24” LCD!

  4. zaina Says:

    i’m a huge apple fan, but here in this part of the world you have to pay 150% of the original price. and i wish it was only the macbooks that were this expensive everything here is too expensive anymore, we would probably be better off living in the states!

  5. john Says:

    Whats virgin megastores’ number? And do they still have ipod touch 8gbs on sale? Because i called isystem and they have sold out all their stock :( .

  6. Marwan Qasem Says:

    it’s expensive in Jordan especially in virgin mega-store i’ll buy mine from kuwait it’s cheaper coz i live there

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