iPhone Jordan launch REALLY nears

All the predictions and rumors so far have been wrong. The iPhone is still not out in Jordan.

Well, I have been told that Orange sales people are now in Egypt receiving training on selling the iPhone. I expect the launch to now be right after Eid.

Orange iPhone Jordan

The iPhone will come with a 1 year plan and might not be simlocked. If this turns out to be true, then this will create a supply of “reasonably” priced “free” iPhones that can be used on other networks.

But I still have my doubts. I have a feeling Orange might actually simlock the iPhone.

IPhone 3Gs are available in some shops in Amman. The asking price currently is JD 800. Crazy!

11 Responses to “iPhone Jordan launch REALLY nears”

  1. Lina Says:


    It’s $250 here in New York… Any idea how much Orange’s monthly plan will cost?

  2. Humeid Says:


    800 JDs when its an “imported” sim-free and contract-free device.

    When Orange launch it it will be near to its price in Europe and the US. It will be subsidized but you will be required to take a yearly plan then.

    No details yet on what kind of plans Orange will provide with the iPhone..

  3. Nizar Says:

    800 JDs, that’s a lot, internet traffic and calling costs are important as well, hope they are a lot cheaper.

  4. Moey Says:

    I think it will be around 500 here.

  5. Osama Humeid Says:

    What about the 3G network? and Google earth maps???? what is the use of its GPS and 3G if both are still not supported.. ?! :S

  6. S.S Says:

    it will be simlocked in my opinon, Orange is not a mobile device provider, it’s service provider simply they are after subscriptions & services not mobile devices.

  7. Zaid Says:

    If it would make you people living in Jordan feel a bit excited and happier, the other day I was in a Orange Dealership, I asked one of the people in charge if the iPhone were to come out before 2009… He told me that it’s not likely for that to happen, but he also told me that the employees here in Jordan are receiving some extensive training, in terms of technical and sales training…
    So, that means it is to come out very soon… But still i think the iPhone will be very restrictive in our region, we wont have GPS anytime soon, so go out and buy the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

  8. ahmad Says:

    damn 800JD .. imposible ..
    i’ll get it from spain better..

  9. hatif Says:

    o shit 800jd wat thats crazy i am geting min from amirica at lest the used iphones are $ 99 . man 800 orenge is crazy

  10. Younis Says:

    I’ve got Iphone 3GS 32 GB from Australia and I have problem on the speaker, I live in Jordan “Amman” right now, and I can’t find any maintenance shop here, please advice.

  11. Khaled Says:

    heh, found this post by searching for 3GS and you mentioned 3Gs as a plural =)

    Anyway, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan are the only countries left from the August 2009 iPhone 3GS release. I find this odd.
    what do you think?
    country list:

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