Facebook goes Arabic..

Facebook Arabic

Facebook goes Arabic.

In a country like Jordan they already have an audience that is probably bigger than all the daily newspapers combined.

The Facebook clones out there have one less reason to exist now..

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  1. بدي JCS FIBER - ANTI-ORANGE Says:

    متى JCS
    بعبروا منطقتي؟
    وليش ما بدهم يحطو اعلانات ويسحقوا اورانج؟

    >اسف كتبت مكان غلط بس بدي الفت الانتباه للسوال


  2. Ali Says:

    It look retarded in arabic, Tired it, Couldn’t stand it at all !

  3. Ali Says:



  4. Ali Says:



  5. Zak Says:

    One guy who works in an internet shop reports that a 16 yr old kid came to him asking: “3ammo, 3endak CD lal-facebook”.

  6. Laith Zraikat Says:

    I believe Arab internet businesses who are mature enough have stopped thinking of Language as a competitive advantage/barrier to entry after many have failed to replace Yahoo, Google, Flickr, YouTube,... We see it repeating itself with Facebook, Myspace, and possibly every other phenomenon that becomes a global mainstream.

    Those companies have mastered the art of innovating and executing those innovations very beautifully to win the hearts and minds of people. Many of them arent pioneers in what they do, but emerged on top as a result of great execution.

    News of Facebook in Arabic shouldnt come as a surprise, in fact I’m surprised it took them this long. I for one am very happy about this because when this news came out, more people in the western world know that an “Internet” in our part of the world exists and is interesting enough for Facebook.

    Looking forward to MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter in Arabic.

  7. John Doe Says:

    You are probably going to mod this comment, but at least I am going to say what I have to say…

    “The Facebook clones out there have one less reason to exist now”

    You shouldn’t use that hypocritical tone. I almost can say the same thing about your watwet, ikbis clones and the reason they exist.

  8. Humeid Says:

    Fair enough John Doe. Try to comment with a real name next time :-)

    ikbis was described by the media as the “youtube of arabia” when it started a few years ago. this was nice PR for us. but we know we’re not the youtube of arabia and the company is evolving into a different direction. nonetheless, i am happy to report that ikbis is now a self sustaining, profitable company with a great team and pretty good traffic.

    also, who said that youtube have a monopoly on web video. there’s vimeo, daily motion and others. in europe there are other players, large and small.

    now back to the facebook clones.. i mean, how many will people join if they don’t offer something unique. video can be consumed on more than one site. i got to youtube, ikbis, ted, vimeo and joost.. but my primary social network is facebook (a bit of linkedin too).

    Unless social networking sites can gain a critical mass of users they are totally doomed because they depend on social interactions. video is a different story.

    the facebook clones i am talking about are mainly the ones who use an available script on the web and just expect to be successful with that.

    have a nice day..

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