Domus Arabia magazine launched, Jordanians all over its pages!

Domus Arabia
An Arabic edition of the the famous Italian Arachitecture and Design journal “Domus”. Now that’s interesting.

My first encounter with Domus was during the days of my architectural studies in the early 1990’s. So it was a really pleasant surprise when I saw the first issue of Domus in Arabic on a newsstand in Abu Dhabi airport last week.

Domus Arabia is published by the Saudi Specialized Publishing Company. Here is the press release.

But here is another nice surprise. The first issue is full of contributions by Jordanians. Of the nine contributer mentioned at the opening pages of the magazine five are Jordanians: Dr Rami Daher. Dr. Jamal Elayan, Dr Mazen Asfour, Ishaq Najjar and Basma Abdallah.

This is pretty cool. It shows that Jordan still has that special edge when it comes to architecture in the region. I was particularly interested to see Dr. Rami Daher’s work on downtown Amman. The man pours his heart and soul into Amman and its older districs and his work deserves to be shown to a wider audience.

I was also intrigued by the profile of Lebanese furniture designer Nada Debs, who is doing some really interesting modern work based on traditional craftsmanship and inspriations.

I don’t know if the magazine is on sale in Jordan. But I will make sure to buy an issue whenever I can, as this, to my knowledge, one of the first Arabic design focused magazines out there.

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  1. Rami Daher Says:

    Dear Ahmad,
    Greetings, thank you for your comments and also for this wonderful 360 degree blog.
    I wish I would blog more to able to follow up things like you do. Please keep up the good work. Your contributions to Amman and to Jordan are highly apprecaited.
    Take care
    Rami Daher

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