Mayor Omar Maani comments on 360east regarding the Sanaya Amman skyscraper ads

My post about the Sanaya Amman advertising campaign, has attracted the attention of Mayor Omar Maani himself. Commenting on that post he wrote:

I must agree the adverts look like the towers are touching the heavens when no other building dared do this. Although more than sixty stories in height, I assure all that it starts at one of the lowest points in Amman, in area A designated for high density mixed use, after a lot of studies, care & attention to the urban fabric of the city & the unique skyline of Amman. I am having a word with the developers on this.
I think this is great. It is clear that the mayor has a sensitive understanding of Amman’s identity and urban image, which goes beyond the dealing with the city only as an ‘engineering’ or ‘traffic problem’ to be solved or as an ‘investment promotion’ issue.

High rise developments are indeed part of most regional capitals’ future (although with the current financial crisis gripping the world, one wonders how many of the developer’s high rise dreams in Amman or elsewhere will be realized!). What’s important is that our city decision makers in the public and private sector acquire an understanding of Amman that deals with urban identity as a whole, beyond the mere planting of grandiose “icons” all over the place.

One little know fact is that when Omar Maani took over as mayor a few years ago (at the hight of the real estate craze), there where a dozen or so approved or semi-approved tower developments, that looked as if they were copied straight from Dubai, planned between the 4th and 8th circle. Without the intervention of the mayor we would today be dealing with several (semi completed :-) eyesores and potential traffic black spot along Zahran street and elsewhere.

In Amman, we don’t elect our mayors (yet). One of Amman’s biggest challenges is the lack of public participation. It is encouraging that our mayor is trying to listen, wether through reading blogs (and commenting on them:-) or through listening to what the young people of the city have to say in public meetings like the Amman Centennial Forum recently. I just hope this momentum and spirit continues, as Amman has great challenges to face on every level of its existence..

Amman Mayor Omar Maani in the Amman Centennial Forum

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4 Responses to “Mayor Omar Maani comments on 360east regarding the Sanaya Amman skyscraper ads”

  1. ahmad Says:

    i still dont think its a good idea to build more in the city, even if its in a low place which will not ruin the famous “Amman skiline” (which btw i never considered to be something special, but thats my personal opinion)
    we have lots of dead desert no more than 50km form the city, why not use that? it may revitelize certian areas and on the other hand take the pressure from central parts.

    not sure if electing the mayor would help in making him/her listen, it sometimes can be about the person, glad we have kinda democratic one currently.
    if hes following: please do something about the air polution!! can’t breath anymore..

  2. Toujan Says:

    based on the back-drop, I assume this is the chosen logo? I did not see an announcement on your blog or received any follow-up communication about the decision. Did I miss anything?

  3. Bardees Says:

    pretty impressing for our Mayor to do that :)
    actually I haven’t heard of ” Skyline” expression until I read your post the other day, and I found it very interesting and worth worrying about :)

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