Imagining The Dubai-ification of Baghdad

Monocle’s Tyler Brule shares a thought on the Invest Iraq conference held in London a couple of days ago: / Columnists / Tyler Brûlé – Between Iraq and a marketplace:
I couldn’t see any indication of where the Iraqi leadership was heading next, but I imagine their global tour has quite a bit to do with who was on hand for the fight and who’s been most generous with foreign aid. Given that the US leads the way in this department, I do hope that the city that can claim to being the world’s oldest capital doesn’t end up being ringed by developments like the Sadr City Super Cineplex, Mega Mall of Mesopotamia or endless gated communities stuffed with homes that look as though they belong in suburban Houston rather than the former Fertile Crescent. Inshallah.

The way things have been going elsewhere across the Arab region, the Sadr City Cineplex/Mega Mall of Mesopotamia/Spanish Style Gated Community scenarios are more likely than not if the situation in Baghdad stabilizes.

Let’s face it, deeeep doooown inside Arabia just loves America.

4 Responses to “Imagining The Dubai-ification of Baghdad”

  1. ahmad Says:

    how can it not go that way? is baghdad all ruined now? could not find anything on the net that desribes the level of destruction, if any, in there.
    this is a really genuine question, what are the other options for rebuilding a city? and are they feasible? i mean they would have to build new houses, shops, and communities, right? so are you suggesting they should do it in an old city design like damascus or daghdad for example? if its a matter of desgin only? then i guess they can do that easily is some parts of the city, like they’re doing in some parts of dubai, but then the cost of houses in such areas will be, well, rediculously over-priced. and you would definatly need to have shopping malls and high rise appartment buildings here and there, its more practical. right? unless you have money to throw away!
    its not the american way that we love, its the capitalist way that we live, and i personaly dont mind it, its history being made i think, just wait a few hundred maybe thousadn years and i think people would start looking at this era as a necessary evil for the human revolution, and capitalism is not taht bad in the long run i believe.
    i personaly see no other way of doing it. can you give your views, can anyone give other more fesible, cost saving and energy saving options to rebuild a city? money is being already wated in the arab world! 7aram

  2. Sandra Says:

    Amazing paragraph: just tells you one idea, concisely, whilst creating a mental futuristic image that you can relate too.

  3. Ishraf Says:

    Interesting article. I cannot imagine that Iraqis will have a problem when Baghdad is flourishing like modern Dubai. I don’t see the necessity to sacrifice culture or religion to benefit from capitalism. Iraqi is now open to foreign investment and it can regain itself as the hub of middle east trade market.

    I think it is important that as Americans we continue to help the government and provide the necessary support. As a staunch supporter of the free market economy, I believe that economic incentive can triumph over ethnic conflicts and in due time, Iraq can transform itself.

  4. Amjad Says:

    blah blah blah. i think ppl have had enough of this Self-righteous bullshit

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