Amman’s GPS map on Nokia should be released within weeks..


My own investigation and also some reader tips have indicated that the Nokia map for Amman and Jordan should be released within a month or so. It seems that Navteq/Nokia have finally gotten “local approval” to release their map.

I don’t know exactly what was holding up the public release of both the Nokia/Navteq map or the locally produced map by InsideJo. It might have been security concerns or some conflicting business interests or both. One thing is sure. It was an absolute shame that these maps have been delayed for so long. Jordan and Amman are LATE. I hope officials and leaders out there appreciate that the delay in having electronic maps for the country and for the capital has been detrimental to the country’s reputation.

If the Nokia Amman and Jordan maps do get released as has been indicated by the latest information I got, it should appear on Nokia devices soon, for free of course. Which will be fantastic, because, believe me, I got lost several times in Amman in the past weeks. So many new neighborhoods and areas have sprung up and it would be useful for Ammanis, Ammani businesses and of course tourists to have a decent electronic maps available.

I hope that the InsideJo guys also are able to release their map too,

In the meantime, Google Maps now also has a detailed map for Amman. Below I have included comparative screenshots of the same area viewed in Google Maps and InsideJo’s online map.

You will immediately notice two big problems with the Google Map. The smaller streets have no names and the names of streets in Arabic are often messed up. The funny/outrageous thing is that its seems that the Arabic on the Google Maps has been automatically transliterated from English names (which in turn where transliterated from the original Arabic name). So for example, the street my office is on is called 3arar Street:

شارع عرار

In English it becomes “Arar”

And in Arabic on Google Maps, it is:


If you think I am joking just see below. This is a scandal. A company with the resources of Google should not make such mistakes. It even got name of the Jordanian Royal Family wrong on some streets. Come on!

Amman Google Maps

Amman InsideJo Map

The final problem with the Google Map is that it doesn’t appear on mobile devices. Very strange.

So finally, it seems to be happening. I hope that by the end of Ramadan we’ll finally have our city and country mapped on devices in our pockets and cars.

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7 Responses to “Amman’s GPS map on Nokia should be released within weeks..”

  1. palforce Says:

    It is funny how insidejo were declaring GPS device in stores by July 2009 then all the sudden they are claiming it will be out in 2011.

    Why not just don’t declare any dates or even do any promises period if you are not sure of your operations!

    Pissed off!


  2. palforce Says:

    Make that 2010.

  3. a guy Says:

    I was in berlin three weeks ago and visited nokia Gate5, the place where they develop all those stuff. I met the OVI maps team and i felt how much they were excited for our region. Good things are coming to us guys! I heard it from nokia gate5 guys themselves.

  4. Google Maps Says:

    But Google Maps works very well on mobile devices

  5. Amman’s Google map now appears on mobiles! - 360east | design, media, technology Says:

    [...] In the end, it was Google who were first in providing this experience. As I mentioned in a previous post, Google Maps has, for the past few months, included a Amman map with main street names in Arabic (although it is really broken Arabic) on their desktop edition. The mobile edition always showed only national highways and no city streets. [...]

  6. sami meqbel Says:

    hey guys, by the way, jordan map ” semi-pro ” is available on Garmin GPS map… and don’t worry i’m about to finish all the map >-)
    so you will have the map on garmin GPS devices, that i have now with amman map on it, AND Nokia’s Garmin XT and finally, i will get it ready for CARS GPS sysyems..
    at the end you won’t be lost in jordan after that :-)

  7. sudi Says:

    untill now jordam map on nokia have problem

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