The funniest phone problem: Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic screen goes fuzzy when cold!

Nokia 5800 fuzzy/scambled screen, when cold!

In last couple of weeks, my Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic has been having a weird problem. The screen goes fuzzy (all the pixels get jumbled up). The only way to get the screen to display correctly after this happens is a restart or by pressing the on/off button while screen is in locked mode. I started looking on blogs and discussion forums for solutions to this problem. The recent firmware update to 30.0.011 did not help. I thought that this is hardware problem but it seems it’s not.

Then I read somewhere (I sadly can’t remember where) that one user had this problem while in an air conditioned room! When the screen feels cold it goes all fuzzy. Maybe it wants to tell us that autumn is on it way!

I started trying to warm up the screen with my hand or by rubbing it against my clothes (while screen is locked or asleep), and most of the times it comes up right when unlocked.

This is most probably a hardware problem. So I will go to the Nokia service center to have it checked. Not looking forward to that.

If you have faced this problem, share it here.

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  1. ..? Says:

    hello, my phone still doesnt work even when its warm… it keeps going fuzzy…

  2. MUSTAFA Says:


  3. Aditya Says:

    hello,my phone is also suffering from the same problem[screen going fuzzy] What can I do to make it better,can any one help me

  4. sandra742 Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  5. Navyanth Says:

    Even i share the same problem, screen gets fuzzy. Exact issue as described above. No solutions to it yet..have to check with the Nokia Care.

  6. alson Says:

    anyone knows?… phone was bought in diff country, is it ok to replace the gadget in diff one?

  7. Ashley Says:

    The stripes go vertical for me. i seem to be able to recieve messages, but obviously i can’t see anything since the screen’s messed.
    i tried your advice, it went fuzzy, even varied slightly in colour, but this is really bugging.
    have you got any contact or websites where i can get it fixed for a decent price?
    how did you fix yours?

  8. Lorena Nina Says:

    Hi! I have the same problem toooo!!
    My phone always turn fuzzzy when i put it in my room which is air-condition. and now, when i lock the phone, and unlock it again, it face the sama problem.
    kinda regret buying this phone ;-)
    Please help!

  9. Olivia Says:

    I’ve been having the same problem, it’s very annoying! It’s fine if I keep it in my pocket but not if I don’t….am going to take it into the Nokia shop next week.

  10. amyeg Says:

    hey i got the same problem. wen it started i put it under my arm n hey presto it works!!!! lol! i took it 2 carphone warehouse n the guy laughed wen i told him i av 2 warm it up, lol! even tho its funny its very annoyin n im sad as i wanted this fone from the moment i saw it x

  11. Jagath Says:

    Hai guys! I too is now facing such problem. How can it be solved?

  12. Haris Says:

    me2. i think i should change my phone lol

  13. TomySync Says:

    Hello, I’m also suffering from the same problem (screen going fuzzy) please, How can it be solved?

  14. anand Says:

    it hapened to me as well…..then i took it to nokia care and raised a complaint …and i got replacement of the screen ….the executive said this problem exist in all phone of early batches….say upto May2009.

  15. naz Says:

    i love the 5800, im in the same place, my screen dont work properly, you know what im gonna do is buy another 5800 on a cheap contract. am i mad, theres npo other phone that does it for me like the 5800.. no 1 fan i think. u know why your screens have messed up is cos u dropped 1 tmes too many. that is 10 times more than dropping a i phone. i bet if u dropped a i phone as badly as dropping 5800 i know the i phone screen would smash and ours would survive but only for a few times….

  16. Navyanth Says:

    ya, i have seen the same problem with phones bought before May 2009, still using the phone :( with same problem. I am afraid i won’t be getting a replacement for free.. :(

  17. Raad Says:

    me too!!!! the same problem with my phone if there is any soloution please tell me.

  18. Steven Mctowel Says:

    I have found a tempory soluction to restoring the screen without having to turn the phone on/off. It requires a good memory of where the actual buttons are on the phone. If you have the Facebook application on your phone then it should be easy peasy. Try this technique:

    1) Screen has gone fuzzy.

    2) Unlock keypad, press the Red cancel button on the phone to clear anything such as missed calls/ texts from the front desktop page.

    3) Now press the middle white button to bring up the menu options.

    4) This is where the memory comes into place. Visualise where the Internet Button is. If you rotate the phone Horizontal, it should be on the top line on the far right. Press this button. The Facebook application should also be on the far right top line, if this is installed on the phone. When the facebook application loads, the screen seems to go back to normal.

    This has been happening to my phone for the last 2/3 weeks, and its worked everytime to put the phone back to normal tempery. Unfortuantly this is only tempery, and as soon as you lock the phone/ dont use it for a while, the screen goes fuzzy again.

    It beats turning the phone on/off all the time which is annoying.

  19. Scramled/fuzzy screen on your XpressMusic 5800? Just shine some light on it! - 360east | design, media, technology Says:

    [...] In a previous post a month ago I explained that the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic’s screen goes fuzzy and scrambled when it gets cold, and that warming it up helps bring the screen back to normal. [...]

  20. night Says:

    im starting to hate my beloved phone because of this problem…its really annoyinn :S:S ….and it does that all day long while im at college because the ac’s are always on :S …it’s really annoyingggg mee ! :S

  21. Reggie Says:

    Hi…i am also facing the same problem since 2/ 3 mnths back till now.
    i went to the shop where i bought he said that there is no warranty for the screen. im mad with this guy and then went to the repairing centre he said he can fix it but it would cost me around Dhs 200. i dont know what to do.
    then i got a solution how to keep the screen on for all time. The idea is simple. Just Slideshow your pics for the rest of the time when youre using the music player.

  22. bob Says:

    i loved the 5800 but since the problem i started hating it. Nokia dnt care, they made their money from the fone, dnt think they wil help every1. Every person has this problem

  23. beaen Says:

    im quite surprised to have come across this page! it was too weird so i thought i would have been the only one with this prob. apparently not! im gona go t the nokia shop soon!

  24. PETER Says:

    We are all in connection with this problem is certainly that this problem is reached for Nokia is 00000 We must find our solution because it is impossible to have a defect in use, but a problem in the industry, so that Nokia can not find the solution we need to be prosecuted this company World

  25. alterego Says:

    hate this phone now…. I face the same problem too… Don’t get to know who is calling etc. Really annoying

  26. april Says:

    ok i get a different ish problem. my screen froze while i was on th phone then it went silent. i turned it off then back on but it only goes to the first screen saying nokia. thats as far as it gets. but to turn it off i have to take the battery out. can anyone help me??

  27. nabeela nasir Says:

    i have the same problem.i stay in dubai uae. n the nokia care ppl said it will cost me around 200 to 250 dhs to repair. they dont care. no one cares…

  28. Hamdi H4 Says:

    Yes, I am having the same problem too..
    I have installed an application called “FlashLight” on my 5800 which keeps the screen up until you lock the phone..
    When I unlock my phone the screen appear fuzzy, and by using Task list, and selecting the flashlight application – and don’t ask me how I do that :p, the screen turns back to it’s normal situation!!

  29. ris Says:

    i have also the same problem in india how can i solve it

  30. TaMeR Says:

    Dear, All
    I’m Tamer from EGYPT, I was left a reply here on 24th of sep-09, but now I found the solution.
    Just update the phone software with the new update 31.0.101 and this procedure will makes the phone works successfully.
    Yes it’s happening, my phone now works successfully.
    ‘Alhamd lelah rab el alameen’

  31. Alex Says:

    i think that is a battery problem.
    battery when is cold had lower performance, i tried to chill the battery but not the phone: screen fuzzing.
    this phone consumes 0,01 watt when in standby, if you turn up the screen 0,6/0,8.
    Simply when the battery is cold can’t give enough power to the phone.

  32. Georgia Says:

    My phone is like this all the time!!! Its soooo annoying!!! I noticed it did this when it was cold and my boyfriend thought I was crazy!!! haha. I had mine sent away in June and got it back 3 WEEKS LATER!!! Just to be confronted with the same problem again!!! Its so frustrating!!! HELP!!!!

  33. anish Says:

    once my pnone gets switched off it cannot be started again . My phone screen only goes upto nokia and hangs up. What is the solution to this?

  34. Ama Says:

    my phones having the same problem too. dont know wot to do…

  35. martohz Says:

    Got the same probe,am in kenya en i sure know its going to cost me to replace the screen in this part of the i got to know its smthing to do with the cold is that this probe occurs mostly in the mornin when i need to hit the ‘snooze’ button,but ok during the day. Will stick to my remedy of pressin on/off button when phone in lock mode..

  36. Danish Says:

    hey i know a way out friend!!! click the media key and click the browser button…. u hav to do that by just judging where browser key would be …. once the browser opens… ur screen will get absolutely fine….
    try it

  37. rami Says:

    hey guys i just wanted to say that i’ve bought nokia 5800 on january but nd i first had this problem in march so i’ve changed the screen nd it has cost me 100$ nd now i have the same problem nd i don’t want to pay another 100 $ for this can any body advice

  38. Ashish Says:

    Hi…I too have the same problem even here in India and there are many others accompanying us on this boat in India too!
    My solution to the problem is that the Wall paper on the Homescreen should be 70% white (Not a permanent solution though!) I mean-use a picture which has it’s major part white as far as possible the white part should be near the edges.
    I guess the problem is due to the poor light sensors which are unable to work out the intensity of the surrounding light and adjust the brightness of the Screen and so they hang up.

    IF any one has a Permanent solution to this,Please do Post,It’ll be thoroughly Appreciated!! :)

  39. Nairita Says:

    Hi i have the Nokia 5800 which i bought with my own money in March 2009.It too is giving me the same fuzzy screen problem.Don’t know what to do and can’t afford a new phone.Please help!Am located in Mumbai India.

  40. kc Says:

    i’m based in london and have barely had the phone for a year. the guy at carphone warehouse said it was a common touchscreen issue. would need to be taken and sent back to engineers for two weeks whilst i put up with using one of their (rubbish) replacement phones );

  41. Rohan Says:

    I am planning to buy nokia 5800 express music but looking at all the complaints i am worried whether to buy or not. Please inform me whether this problem with the display still persist and has nokia found any solution to it. i ahve already sent a mail to nokia about this problem awaiting their reply. would like your opinion

  42. Wismoyo Says:

    Hi.. i’m from Indonesia.. and i have same problem too.. i must turn off and restarting the phone regularly.. i try to updating firmware to newest firmware, but that’s useless… NOKIA? can you do better ???

  43. FonePhobe Says:

    I have the fuzzy screen problem. It’s definitely not due to temperature. I don’t think it’s a screen problem, but the main board. (i’m have decades of experience in repairing all manner of computer hardware/consumer electronics).

    Mine can temporarily be rectified by flicking the screen on and off with the lock slider, but once it wouldn’t clear so i had to POR the unit.

    Judging by all the entries in this thread, there’s strong evidence of a manufacturing/engineering defect. Or perhaps the product is not fit for the purpose. My phone has been well cared for and not abused, or dropped. I alway use the protective sleeve to safeguard against any damage.

    I contacted a repair centre and they said they would need the phone for a couple of weeks because of the intermittent nature of the fault. Like I don’t need a phone!! If the unit has an intermittent fault, GIVE IT BACK TO THE USER AND LET THEM TELL THE REPAIR CENTRE WHEN IT FAILS! Stupid people!

    I’m going to ask for a repair centre to replace the main board while I wait and then, if over the following week(s) the unit continues to fail, I’ll ask for a display. then a battery. If none of these resolve the issue i’ll demand a new handset. If the problem occurs on the new handset i’ll demand an alternative.

    If they won’t play ball from the off i’ll probably buy another handset, but one with a broken screen to keep the cost down. I can then do my own diagnosis as taking the handset off you for weeks on end without a replacement is totally unacceptable. They may as well not offer any warranty!

    If all the customers experiencing this difficulty clubbed together, i’m sure we’d get our problem resolved much quicker.

    I’m getting pretty tired of buying ever more complicated and expensive products which simply don’t work properly, being used as a guinea pig as a result of their rush to get an inadequately tested product to market and then being fobbed off by the manufacturer/retailer istead of getting the item rectified.

  44. minnowman Says:

    I to have this problem have already sent it away for the second time via the 2 years warrenty u get in the uk it started from when i updated phone to v3 ??????????? seriously cant wait to me contract finishes till i get the I PHONE

  45. George Says:

    I also had the problem (in UK), got the handset in February and the problem started in September, only occasionally at first, but then completely difficult to get rid of. Eventually discovered a way to get out of the scrambled screen (starting a program from the 4 homescreen shortcuts and exiting it) but I thought enough was enough so I sent it off to the Nokia Care Centre in the UK. Got a brand new handset free of charge. Will see how long this one last…

  46. uzair Says:

    this problem cause due to update ur mobile.i heard nokia is doing sumtng to cover up this problem by relaunching new software by updating that i hope we cover up this prob

  47. norsk Says:

    I have the same problem in germany too! is the new update worth it??

  48. Cable Says:

    I got onto Nokia about this because the 2 latest updates (that fix this problem) have yet to be released in Ireland (6 months later).

    Heres the response:

    Dear David,

    Thank you for contacting Nokia Care.

    Software versions for a specific Nokia phone may depend on network operator variants as Nokia phones distributed by a network operator’s sales channel are commonly pre-installed with software configured to ensure compatibility with the respective network services.

    Operator-branded Nokia devices may also be updated with the latest software version that has been approved by the operator and the updates for individual variants may be available at different times. However, note that not all operators may have approved the latest software available. You may periodically check for any updates on the latest version released for your phone’s product code at the Nokia Software Updater web link below:

    Nevertheless, I recommend that you take your Nokia 5800 Xpress Music to any Nokia Care Point where the most up-to-date information on software versions for specific Nokia phones can be obtained. The technicians may be able to help you update the current software on your phone if it is available.

    Not impressed since the Nokia care point only update to the regions latest software!

  49. Gabriel Says:

    Hey, my N5800 also has this problem. I am happy that at least I am able to find a temporary solution here, that is to press the On/Off key while the phone is in lock mode. Thanks to those who made this suggestion. It is really annoying that sometimes, when you want to show someone something on your phone, the machine appears fuzzy…

  50. iby Says:

    Iv got same problem and i think its 2do with low battery comsumption under standby mode

    maybe if we can find a way 2 increase the wattage used, then this problem will be solved. i hope the next firmware update has a fix for us but in the mean time we could just keep pressing the xpress button until screen clears up. shoukd take between 7 to 15 presses to clear screen

    hope this helps

  51. Antony Says:

    Istarted getting this about 3 weeks ago, I’ve done the latest software update which makes no difference, it only seems to sort itself out when I warm it up which is a pain in the ass considering it’s currently snowing most places in the UK, I got it for free tho so I can’t complain lol

  52. Filip Serbia Says:

    Hey guys… got the kind of the solution… I have the same problem… Just save some white blank picture and remember how to open it and when u unlock open the picture and the screen goes normal. That’s the best solution so far…:-((

  53. George Says:

    Bought my Nokia 5800 xpressmusin from Carphone Warehouse in August 09.
    Got fuzzy screen problem in December. no difference if phone is warm or cold, inside house or outdoors.
    Took it back to Carphone listed fault as fuzzy screen.
    Got it back after two weeks but fault still aparent.
    Note on repair ticket that they had repaired audio fault, which it did not have.
    Now have to take it back again. A real pain in the arse.

  54. chandra Says:

    Hi guys,

    I got the same problem and i leave inFrance im having this prob since the new update!! I dont know what to do??

  55. caitlin Says:

    hey everyone.. i have the same problem ha. but mine is a new problem and it is due to my phone getting too cold. its just now getting very very cold outside where i live…. my batter gets way too cold and makes the screen do this. i just take the battery out and put it underneath like a blanket or wrap it in my sweat shirt or somehting then when i check on it if it is too cold against my arm ill put it back until it is normal temperature then ill replace it in my phone and it works fine. but this is not really okay… nokia should not make a phone that does that. i mean mine gets frozen literally just driving in the car its ridiculous .. if you feel the back to the phone its almost like rubbery kinda i think the material of the back is just not thick enough to keep the battery from getting too cold.. if you ptu your phone in the freezer it would do it i can promise you that. its not harmful im sure since when your battery gets messed up they will tell you to freeze it then retry it but still its just a huge annoyance.

  56. emily Says:

    My phone does it too.
    Every one thought i was crazy when i told them my phone went fuzzy when it was cold.

  57. sam Says:

    I’d like to stuck this phone into the chief designer’s ass.
    I’m right now overseas and the warrenty is expiring soon and I’m not going back in short.
    Is there anything I can do?
    and I think it has nothing to do with temperature. I’m in Australia and the temperature here is 37 to 40 degree and this stupid phone still goes fuzzy.
    Buddies, I have important question—> Do they still help customer to fix it for free after the warrenty expire?
    anyone please tell me about it!

  58. Hrvoje1996 Says:

    my phone had that problem when i eas skiing those things showed on my screen and they were gone after few sec but i tried to turn on the phone and it shows me the nokia start up and thats it you can´t turn it off unless you take out the battery please advise

  59. Justin Says:

    Yeah, my phone (Holland), is alway doing the ‘pixel’ thing when I wake up in mybed room. Now it’s 0 degrees in Holland, so the whole day I have to put my phone in front of the car blower (heater). After a couple of seconds, my screen is back in normal position!

    Know Nokia about this issue? Can we resolve this issue?

  60. liv Says:

    hey guys, i have this problem too and pressing the on/off button when the phone is in standby mode works most of the time but sometimes it doesnt so i have to turn off the whole phone.

    when i did this i turned it back on again and was stuck with a white nokia screen which wouldnt go. – to solve this you have to take out the memory card, restart the phone then put the memory card back in once the phone has restarted.
    unfortunately this seems to happen quite a bit..

    also to prevent me from turning the whole phone off when the screen goes fuzzy i have installed an app from ovi called ‘night stand’ and when this happens i press red to cancel any open things and then remember on my four shortcuts where i have put this app. the phone usually sorts itself out once ive opened the app.

    it is REALLY annoying! but i hope this helped :)

  61. Praveen Says:

    I purchased Nokia 5800 Today, just now. I am facing the screen fuzzy problem when I switched on the phone. It shows nokia logo then goes fuzzy and then dead. When I am looking for a demo before purchase another box piece is also having the same problem. I will ask the dealer to replace this handset. Will give you update soon.

  62. John Bebbington Says:

    i have same problem, been about 3months now. wen screen is fuzzy i find my way to the internet. once connected to the internet screen goes to normal. now wen i lock my phone i lock it on the internet screen rather than exiting to the home screen and locking. definatley a ballbreaker, but cant be bothered going to get it fixed lol.

  63. samwize Says:

    Wow! I have the same problem, and loading facebook app helps! Loading Ovi app helps too!

    This is one disgraceful bug from Nokia yet again..

  64. KOLA Says:

    I love this phone but find it hard to believe in NOKIA phones, even though i like the phone but the screen problem is getting me pissed off. I stay far away from NOKIA center in Nigeria but i tried a simple trick and its seems working fine…Just try to download a standby clock for your phone to keep the screen active after when screen and keys lock with the clock display as low backlight then after when u switch your lock your phone will work normally….If you need the signed version of this clock you can always send me an email to
    Have fun

  65. Constantine Says:

    My Nokia 5800′s screen goes fuzzy as well when its cold!! It had never happened before..(since I bought it in april 2009) only in January , when I went on a skiing trip and it was really cold.After I came back to town everytime I went out..or the airconditioning was off (inside the house) the screen goes blurry.. And im afraid if i give it to Nokia care I will be left without a phone for weeks!! (from friends’ stories I have heard, they r supposed to be “working on” your phone for veeery long times.. and sometimes return it without even having fixed the problem!!)

  66. Jeggu Says:

    THE ONLY solution is to take your 5800 to a Nokia care point. Warming the screen might help but only for a while. It only gets worse. I just got it back works like a charm. And yes it’s completely FREE.

  67. danin Says:

    huhu.. so there are no solution for this problem unless we send it to nokia centre??? even updating the firmware dont resolve it??? huhu… how bout throw it to the wall… yay.. thats fixed everything… huhu.. no more nokia phone for me… huhu.. come on nokia.. even china made phone can do better…

  68. darren Says:

    i have this problem and nokia do know about, as i phoned them up and they bring it in and we fix it. i find it happens when the phones cold as i do alot of bmxin and out in all weather, it when the phones gets cold, but i normally just rub the phone and blow hot air on it and it soon warms up and works. it like it got feelings lol.

  69. raza bhambro Says:

    unfortunately i purchased nokia 5800xm two week before being unaware of comments giving by other friends. Now im facing same problem i always kept nokia mobiles from time to time but this device caused me much trouble , i never forget my previous device nokia N73.
    now what to dohow this screen display probelm will be solved?
    can any brother who recoup this tell me any idea of troubleshooting.

  70. Prakash Says:

    i too have this problem..i bought this 5800 in jan’09 in india but i am encountering this problem just for the last 2 weeks after 1 whole year of trouble free operation. it is happening just after warranty…i thought some dust must have gone inside posing problems in the unlock sliding key resulting in fuzzy display. when i repeatedly lock / unlock sometimes the screen gets normal.But i was shocked to see so many people posting their problems..

    I even thought of opening the phone myself and cleaning it but in vain i have dropped the idea after reading all these post submitted by you all. Warming up the handset is actually not helping.

    The best solution currently working is to save a white background picture as Wall paper. Just took a picture of a blank white sheet and saved as wallpaper. For the Last 2 days it is working fine for me..try it out.

  71. REXY Says:

    i like nokia 5800….but after the review of the problems im not really sure im gonna get one! i guess Nokia did not test the phone nicely .due to this nokia is goin to get a bad ‘name !! i use to trust nokia ..

  72. Pete Says:

    hey guys. I have a couple of flimsy solutions that seem to work on my phone…when the screen goes fuzzy (usually after being locked) I do one of two things:

    - the lock slider on the side; i flick it at double speed (it takes good timing) but it works, usually quickly.


    - the easiest is – the facebook app seems to sort it out, so just place a FB shortcut on your desktop (top corner for instance) then press by instict.
    FYI you do NOT need to have an internet connection for this to work. I have Pay as you go and it works without connecting, just as long as it attempts to connect. By then i just cancel and continue.

    To put Fb shortcut on desktop go into >settings>personal>home screen>shortcut then make a change.

    its a joke we have to go through this but hope it helps.

  73. Prabarh Says:

    Hi All, Theres a tempery solution for this when the problem occers press the camera button and hold it to your computer screen, then close the camera from your hand then take your hand off. try this..this is the only temperay solution untill u replace the disply.

  74. mobilink Says:

    JUST PUT SMALL MAGNET INSIDE HOUSING…and your problem solved! 10000000 porciento

  75. yaps Says:


    you can do this simple tricks….

  76. 5ive Says:

    yeahhh! by putting the magnet it really work! just place the magnet in the housing, orr bring along the magnet with you everywhere. :D

  77. Ram Says:

    Hey guys, i got solution for this problem……. Throw nokia 5800 XpressMusic and keep on mind ”SAY NEVER TO NOKIA”

  78. anyone Says:

    yeahhhhhhhh it happened to my 5800 too! :(

  79. yaseen Says:

    hey every1., got a simple solution to dis screen blur prob… Jus download a white theme for your 5800, n keep a plain white wallpaper.. U should not keep any shortcut buttons or contact icons.. Leave the screen blank.. Works perfect for me.. All de best.. :)

  80. Lance Says:

    Hi all, I live in New Zealand and my phone has the same fuzzy screen problem. I have taken it in to Nokia Care only to be told its a software problem. I have performed a hard reset on my phone which has had no effect. I think Nokia Care don’t know a bloody thing.

    I believe the problem is caused by the cold because when I check my phone in the morning, the screen is fuzzy but after its been in my pocket for a bit it comes right and doesn’t become fuzzy again until I take it out of my pocket and leave it to get cold.

    It would be nice if someone has found a permanent fix for this problem to post a reply please.

  81. Humeid Says:

    Hello everyone. I see that there have been 80 comments on my post about the fuzzy screen problem from people around the world. The 5800 is very popular and the problem seems to be happening all over the world.

    I would like to report to everyone that I took my phone to a Nokia Care center in Amman, Jordan. They replaced the screen at no cost (phone was still under warranty) and now the phone is working normally.

    This is a hardware problem, obviously. If you get this problem insist on Nokia Care to fix it (ie: replace the screen).

  82. Marino Says:

    Hi Everybody. I’ve been having this issue a couple of months ago, but today I’ve updated the firmware to v50.005 and the problem seems to be solved!! (anyways, supposing that it was a hardware issue, last week I ordered a new display to replace the actual one, cause in my country I’m not covered by warranty, I bought it in another country).
    it seems it’s working fine now, I’ll let you know if anithing changes.
    Thanks for all the help!!

  83. Pintu Says:

    And i thought I was the only one..I bought the phone November or December and this problem started happening about a month ago. I finally sent it in to Nokia Care to fix it yesterday… hope they dont charge me to fix it because it is still under the 1 year warranty.

  84. Manuel Avila Says:

    Yes dude, mine was also fixed by the v50 firmware upgrade, it’s very good Nokia finally listened to us and fixed the problem, they obviously won’t even include the fix in the bug list the update solves but never mind, some of us saved some money and can keep our good old tube friend!

  85. Girl Says:

    hi ther all,

    i have the same problem. I figured out much earlier this is soo weird because my phone only goes fuzzy in the office (air conditioned).. not at home tho .. it works perfect at home, soo well i tried the hard reset , still there was not much of luck, finally after readin all the post i could best conclude its the screen problem and definately the temperature too have somethin to do with it , but hey , im just wondering if its the temperature then why only now its showing up , i have got my phone for the last 2 years , i only started being fuzzy in recent which is a year after .. funny isnt it ..

  86. Lance Says:

    It looks like humble pie for me. Like Marino’s comment above, I upgraded my firmware to 50.005 last night and it looks like the problem has been solved. So Nokia were right with saying it is a firmware issue and I was wrong to say Nokia don’t know a bloody thing. Still, it’s a shame they couldn’t do anything about it at the time I went in to get it fixed.

  87. Justin Says:

    YES! 50.005 works!

    but already ordered the htc desire!


  88. Zaib Says:

    lols, apart from these all above mentioned solutions there is another solution which is very simple. Just keep ur charger plugged into ur phone when ever sitting in AC.

    believe me It helps

  89. Garantie Phone House - 9lives - Games Forum Says:

    [...] Hmm had ook schermprobleem maar dan met nokia 5800. (The funniest phone problem: Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic screen goes fuzzy when cold! – 360east | design, media, technology) Heb overlaatst een update gedaan en sindsdien dat probleem niet meer gehad. Bij Nokiacare resetten ze alleen? Niet de allernieuwste updates? Ach je kan altijd eens proberen te updaten. [...]

  90. Naser Says:

    hey guys, I have the same problem with my 5800. and i’m out the warranty. I’ve found the problem.. it’s not the secreen.. it’s an audio problem so I chaned the speaker and now it’s working fine..
    Look at this perfect vedio for this solution and please vote for that guy who made it.

  91. himanshu Says:

    i have the same phone.. bght in jan 2009. strtd giving this prob a month ago.. chked with Nokia center n was told tht the display needs to be replaced…lol.. wht if the other one goes like tht too?

  92. bourne4 Says:

    i had this problem too,,and the temporary solution that i found is a theme,,”glow wave,,by blueray”download this themd from zedge,,when ever the screen goes fuzzy keep any button pressed,,keeping the phone key lock,,the screen will get normal anc then unlock the screen,,

  93. Andrei Allen Says:

    I would like to point out that upgrading your firmware to v5 basically fixes the problem. No hardware changes or any kind will be necessary.

  94. abc Says:

    upgrade to v50.0.005 doesnt solve the screen problem…it doesn’t work on my phone at all… i’ve already fix the screen 4 months ago warranty when it had the same problem…and now the problem is reoccuring AGAIN! nokia sucks… it only fixed the problem for FOUR MONTHS

  95. Candice Says:

    My screen goes “fuzzy” even when its warm. Holding it under a light to get warm did help for a while, but not anymore. It is still under warranty. Has anyone’s phone been replaced under warranty by Nokia?

  96. Bec Says:

    I have this problem to sort it i find if you unlock the screen and press the camera button on the side and judge where the camera menu button would be press that and put the camera lense into light the screen goes back to normal, dunno if this will work on all of them but ?

  97. MRS. J. DASGUPTA Says:


  98. basant Says:

    i am having same problem pl anyone help me pl……………………..

  99. rakesh kumar Says:

    sir my nokia 5800 xpressmusic has faced many problem.1st is on\off.plz give me suggestion

  100. Tommm Says:

    Haha I just went camping and had the problem. Knew it was nothing major its just a case of putting it in a glove and turning back on! :)
    5800 lives another day…

  101. andy scuff Says:

    i had the problem – screen would not work if cool or cold after unlocking. I have just upgraded the firmware (i now have version 50) using the pc software and it seems to have fixed the problem. So looks like it was a software issue. Very annoying!

  102. PAUL SCOTT Says:

    I too had the same problem, that screen suddenly flickers and goes weird after sumtyme, it keeps on increasing as time passes..

    let me tell u freinds just give this phone to ur Nokia Service Care for Complete hardware check up….
    it will solve ur problem once nd for all!!!!!!!!

  103. rixxx Says:

    afterall nokia sucks big time……..

  104. Leeannq Says:

    this problem started for me 5mths ago when we were staying @ a caravan for wknd(really cold damp nights) and have had the phone so long i’m now choosing my upgrade…however i have found that placing the phone onto your body helps….body heat is the! strange but true! flicking the lock slider, and also pressing certain buttons used to work! body heat or turning off and on is the only effective resolve for me!
    this has been my favourite phone, and dont want to just discard it for a new phone straight away….so i am off to do a backup, then download the upgraded software…fingers crossed!

  105. ram Says:

    I regret I purchased nokia I have n73 and I had 6001 the two phones have the display problem i think nokia is a lousy product.

    the only success nokia has is in its marketing.

    going for other brand from now on

  106. Glen Says:

    I’ve been havin some real crazy problms on my N73 phone. For the past few weeks, it has been showing some really weird behavior! Some days back the phone reset the theme and wallpaper and everything else automatically and just froze and went back to it’s default theme and settings. I had to reboot the phone and while switching on found that the date and time also had been reset and after restart, everything was still frozen. However, the weirdest thing was that the phone was showing that it’s charging for sometime, even though no charger was plugged in!!!!!

    I also often hear echoes while on calls. However, this I guess is normal for most networks and happens from time to time. The other major disturbing behavior of the phone is that the phone gives random warning beeps, even when the phone is locked and the backlight is off. Usually such beeps are generated when there’s some notification and the backlight turns on. However, immediately when I check after these beeps, there’s no notification or anything whatsoever and the backlight stays off. Also, couple days back the phone had gone to the default Nokia start up screen (white with the blue Nokia logo) on it’s own and when I checked I saw it was just booting up the desktop. Since, my keypad is locked, the phone always asks for the lock code before starting up. I find all these things very perplexing and disturbing and am apprehensive that my phone is being hacked into. I would really appreciate if someone can shed light on and help me with these! Thank You in anticipation.

  107. thornt Says:

    hey im from the uk how do i too have the same problem, how can do update my firmware please email me how thanks

  108. tetsky Says:

    i’ve upgraded the firmware to v50 and latest is v51 but still not the solution for nokia 5800 fuzzy screen problem…stupid nokia doesn’t know the solution for this…very disgusting…i still hope for a solution from nokia

  109. Swayze Says:

    Buy a hairdryer. lol my screen issue seems to be getting worse, rubbing on it doesn’t give enough heat for it to work, it’s not cold outside cause sometimes, if I leave it in the sun long enough, then it starts to work again.

    Never in my life bought a phone other than a Nokia but I’m done with it now.

  110. Meinsing Says:

    Nokia 5800 expressmusic is shit. Had it less than a year and screen is corrupt. Also not had a phone for 5 years prior to this and my last phone was a Nokia 5 years ago. The layout and tech is EXACTLY THE SAME un user friendly shit as 5 years ago. Will never buy another Nokia product again as long as I live.

  111. Mohsin Says:

    i have seen all the comments from all of you different people with different comment some say’s HARDWARE prob but Some Say’s SOFTWARE prob. Some have found tempry solutions some got replacement and some still facing prob including me. Now this need to be confirm by the manufacturer rather this is HARDWARE PROB OR THE SOFTWARE and they should come up with the permanent solution.Hence manufacturer (NOKIA) is 100% responsible for this issue. Hope many of you will agree with this.

    Mohsin Baloch

  112. O Says:

    My 5800 developed same problem in the last 3weeks and it’s quite annoying. I find that sometimes locking and unlocking the screen does it; at other times, I have to shut down and restart it all over again to clear the fuzziness. Am experiencing it now on average 10times a day which isn’t a good way to go. I’ve always used NOKIA and beginning to wonder whether they are no longer living up to their big name.

  113. Amr hamdy Says:

    guys update the new update
    try to do it all the time it fix any problems are there
    that called 52.0.007
    it should help you as i did to me
    if i realy help you pray to god and thx him

  114. Hussain Says:

    My Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic also developed the same problem. This problem stretched for a week and i was quite annoyed. But i upgraded to the new firmware 51.2.007 and i have not experienced this problem again. It has been three days now and i think (and hope) the problem is solved.

  115. Hugo Chavez Says:

    Hello everyone, I have my 5800 since dec 2009, I got it in venezuela from a friend who bought it in spain, anyway, since we have warm weather the phone used to work just fine, just sometimes when I was inside AC environment the phone used to restart or shut down but I thought it was something about the software and after I update the firmware I realized that whenever the phone is cold it dies , then I moved to texas and when the winter came then the nightmare started too, first I tried the piece of paper between the battery and the phone and nothing, then I thought it was the battery and I got a new one from amazon but it didnt do any difference, as soon as the phone gets cold it dies, I have to put it under my pillow if I want to keep it on all night… I dont think its the screen because is not just the video signal that goes away, its the entire system that shuts down and I have to put it into my pocket or close to a heat source if I want to turn it back on. Since that’s a hardware problem I think NOKIA should do something about it.

  116. jan Says:

    yeah mah phone is experiencing the same fucking problem.. and im pretty sure it happends when its cold.. –, suck tht any idea how to fix it?

  117. Ferydaboss Says:

    Hey guys! yes it is because of th cold (in my case) its winter here and having trouble seeing my screen outside :P i keep it sticked to my face like i am talking on the street so ppl don’t watch while i “rub my phone” :P the other best thing to try is a magnet at the top side ( near the camera and quick start. the screen was changed one time so its something with the LCD quality and built… :) i think… but i tried the magnet and it works, only i’m a little afraid i don’t make things worse… but i don’t think so, there are many electronic stuff (like mu HD video recorded) that has magnets inside (to know how the screen is turning) and i took it apart and it is near the motherboard, and its a strong magnet so…. :) hope this helps :)

  118. Simon Shiyepo Says:

    hello,i also have the same problem. In Namibia its not to cold,but my phone does’nt work in the mornings n evenings,my screen goes white.
    Nokia must do something,they are good phones and a bit expensive i cant just loose it like that after 6month of purchase

  119. Stephanos Says:

    I know it sounds weird but i have the same problem and i kinda ”solved” it by using a simpsons theme now everything is ok… am really sorry though cz i can’t remember the site i downloaded it.. i dont think it’s gonna be hard to find though!

  120. Betty. Says:

    Hi! Finally I stumble upon other people with phones with similar problems to my phone!
    My Nokia 5800 Xpress music has a mind of its own! It has the same weird problem as above and it annoys me so much! But also has other problems.. Sometimes the phone decides to flicker a tint of a random colour onto the screen for a second. I really don’t understand this phone. I have done a complete restart of the phone and applied the software update twice to get the latest version.
    Another problem is that i have lost all my messages after I turned my phone on and off (this had happened a good 3 times already in the past 6 months).
    I don’t now if it’s because it wasn’t used for over 2 years or if something inside it is damaged but all I know is that Nokia is strange :s

  121. ken Says:

    be’n using 5800xp music for well over a yr.. sad it has to give up on me soo’s frustrating trying to call someone or show a document to someone n the screen jux goes fuzzy.. damn, i think since ppl ve be’n complaining abt the problem for this long Nokia shd ve found e best solution to this.. personallly i love the fon soo much that i find it difficult getting another one with about the same specifications or better.well, there are some on the market but i fear i will be having same problems with them since they look e same (touch screen and same layout of basic keys). and also when they are Nokia products, eg. the X6..i just fear i’ll encounter the same problem..all the solutions listed are things i did out of frustration to make ma phone work even before i chanced on this page.. thanks anyway guys but it’s actually not healthy for the phone. may be we should consider making Nokia take up the responsiblity of fixing the problem. legal steps may be necessary cos u can’t ignore the plight of ur customers this way. i love Nokia technology but this shows Nokia engineers or technicians are not doing enough.
    I feel pushing e keys in anticipation that the screen works is even over burdening e functionality of the key.well, Nokia, just be up and doing.cos the challenge is very tight from other manufacturers…

  122. shiennamarie Says:

    Had the same problem with my 5800 for months now. Got this phone march 2010. The screen fuzzes everytime its on idle. Coincidentally, the problem started around the time when I updated my software v52 and when I moved to an office with a colder temp so not sure if it was because of the software update or the cold temp.. Even im still w/n warantee when it started, i already lost my reciept so they wont honor it anymore even if i filed a claim. It was bearable at 1st because it can be temporarily fixed by pressing the power button while locked but it no longer works. At first, problem only occurs when screen is locked so I disabled auto locking and never locked it anymore but as weeks past, it occurs everytime backlight turns off even if unlocked (unfortunately backlight time is on max already). Even rebooting and resetting no longer works. Only way for me to get screen running is to repeatedly slide the lock/unlock button until its back to normal. so annoying! tried every temporary fix you guys shared above but nothing worked for me. i’ll be trying the magnet thing later. NOKIA sucks. I just dnt have a choice as of now coz my new bb was stolen so have to stick on this rubbish till i can already afford a new one. :(


  123. Seb Says:

    I\ve had this problem for a while too, seemed to happen over Winter last year! I thought I’d broke it and was pretty worried I’d lost everything, but then it worked again….. The way I get it back to ‘normal’ is to lock it, breathe on the screen (weird I know, but it works.. eventually) and then unlock it, if it doesn’t work first time – or the phone is really cold – repeat until satisfied.
    The only real thing I know will stop it is if you turn ‘sleep’ off; so the phone screen will only go off when you flick the lock key. you can whack a maze lock on so you don’t keep ringing and texting people when the phone’s in your pocket. The only negative is that it will use up more battery!

    Hope this helps somewhat! Will be taking mine to Nokia and letting them have a mooch at it!


  124. Youness Chreim Says:

    I have The same Problem and I think because of cold because it starts when the cold season begins > and when the phone get warm it starts normally .

    But any other good solution >

  125. Kathryn Says:

    Hey. I have this problem also, and i remember when it started last October. I was walking down the road on a veeery cold evening, and i unlocked the phone and was panicking because the screen had gone weird! Little did i know, this wasn’t a temporary problem…

    I figured out that it was temperature related, as it only ever broke when i went outside.

    After several months (It’s May now, and it broke i October.) i have HAD to send it in for Nokia repair. It got progressively worse, and soon it couldn’t stand even being warm. For it to work it had to be kept BOILING hot! Meaning i often had to put it under the hair-dryer if i wanted to read a message… :P

    To be honest – the best thing you can do is get it sent for repair. I tried to put up with it for over half a year, and it was hellish. Just sent it off!!

  126. aheer Says:

    Yes i am facing same problem…

  127. Gerry M. Says:

    Not sure but it looks like it happens with a cold device and not only the battery. I chilled the device in the fridge without the battery, heated the battery to pretty much hot with a hair dryer and put it in the phone. It started with the screen fine but turning off the phone with the rocker and turning it on gave the same problem repeatedly 5+ times a fuzzy screen. I then heated the phone and the battery with the hair dryer to fairly warm and the problem was gone. Once the device cooled down to room temp (22 deg C), the problem occurred 3 out of 4 on/off cycles. As for the magnet trick, made it work a little better 1 out 5 cycle it would happen but I needed a large fridge magnet which covered the all of the Nokia and XpressMusic lettering all the way up to the top of the phone. Didn’t try a smaller, stronger magnet but then again I’m not sure if I want to. One method that seems to keep you phone warm and working is to keep it in you front pocket at all times. The phone works much better but I’m not sure if I need the extra exposure :) . I love the phone for the call quality, the free maps and decent functionality but there are nicer phones out there now and I pretty sure my next one won’t be a Nokia. I thought this phone would last more than 13 months.

    If anyone has the mystery solution to this problem, please let us know.

  128. metoo Says:

    this works all the time. press the camera button then lock the screen press camera button again then unlock

  129. joy Says:

    buxet na 5800 n yan!!! akala ko ako lng nkkranas ng ganyan,,, naka2gulat haos lhat pla gnun ung problema

  130. Wes Says:

    i just hold it up to a light bulb and then it works. but yea im gonna get an iphone now stuff 5800

  131. daniel, from nigeria Says:

    nokia are really fucking up,what the hell is going on

  132. Jake Says:

    Well , It worked for me .
    I was very fed up with my 5800 and came across this blog saying it’s due to Temperature .
    I got few msgs and wasn’t able to read them , I kinda got angry and put the phone into the mircowave for 4 seconds , took it out unlocked .
    The screen was back to normal .
    no damage , try @ ur own risk

  133. Eswar Says:

    I too got the same problem. My screen got white.. None of the above mentioned solutions are working. Earlier I was having a great respect, affection & love towards nokia phones. Now I ll suggest each and every one plz dont buy Nokia phones.. Worst phones..

  134. Anish Says:

    Hi All…

    Even I was facing the same problem of blurred screen , but some how after updating the software ..its working fine for me now…seeme like it was not a harware problem atleast..
    Try and update the softwae , it will works….cheers

    PS: i don’t haven’t put any screen saver and the wall paper is the default one .

  135. allan Says:

    Easy and Nice solutions..
    Buy a SONY experia Neo..
    that’s the only way to teach Nokia what is Customer Satisfaction.. Make their sales drop down so that they would be so F**ked up.. i loved my XM 58.. But this is a terrible matter that even a cheap chinese touchscreen phone never gave me.. Shame on you nokia..

  136. Amer Says:

    ive got the same problem but found a cure by keeping it in my pocket all the time. if lef outside for a couple of minutes, the famous fuzzy screen appears until its warm again. I think this model likes to keep close company with its owner.

    After reading various forums and i think it could be the digitizer that faulty on these phones. These can be purchased from ebay for around £6 with free postage. I cant fault the screen because it works once it reaches its required temperature. The digitizer could be the one causing this fault.

  137. Billy Says:

    Has anybody with the ‘fuzzy’ screen problem tried to sell their 5800 to any of the old phone buyers like Mazuma etc?

    I want to get rid but wory that they may reject the phone as faulty if they see the ‘fuzz’ even though us 5800 users know that this is all very normal!!

    Anybody tried?

  138. MelPineda Says:

    adjust the brightness of the phone, adjust it to the brightest in the display settings of your phone. It will warm up the screen. It helped me :)

  139. Nizar Says:

    I have the same problem since couple of weeks ago, and after reading forums found that this cused by cold, i’v been usin this fone more than 2 years lol,best fone but facing this since just two weeks. Every thing was working fine exept this one, firmware is updated to the latest. But bothing changed. The solution is to keep it warm and it works fine haha. But i wonder why this did’nt happen last winter? I think changing its screen is not the sokution. Keep it warm or try another model

  140. karlo Says:

    Im planning to buy a nokia phone, i was attracted with this phone, and i wantthis phone to be my first touch screen phone,, i like n8 and e7 but im only 15 years old and im gonna buy out of my pocket[because sure my parent will be angry if i will ask money from them](lol) i cant afford the two smartphones, anyway.. my second options in n85.,, should i buy this or the nokia n85. i also want a touch phone right now.. cause im tired of a non-touch phone,..
    from Philippines.
    :) have a blessed day, hope i will not encounter this problem… :) )
    God bless!

  141. Dileep Says:

    I’ve the same problem….Unfortunately The Screen Fuzzy Problem Happened After My Warranty Expired….Putting White Wallpaper is is Temporary Relief…But its now happening All day…. How much Rupees Costs to Replace the Screen in India….Help Me Plz….

  142. Jasper Says:

    I love my Nokia 5800 and have had it since March 2010. It started doing the funny screen thing about a month ago. I thought at first it didn’t like being in my pocket whilst wallking but I think it is temperature now. The tip about pressing the red button then launching an Internet page works so thanks to SteveMctowel for that. It’s not due for an upgrade until February 2012 so I will have to limp along with this solution until it gets replaced. I don’t know what to replace it with as the 5800 does everything I want and I love using the stylus. It’s also a bit smaller than the newer ones. Will have to have a look around.

  143. umesh Says:

    same problem

  144. pupo Says:

    Same problem here :( After 2,5 years of using, one month ago my nokia develop that problem. I read that problem is in hardware. Is it possible to change display to fix it or is it problem in something else(PCB, etc)?

  145. matt Says:

    go to handphone shop..replace the new about the hardware damage(lcd screen)..i face this problem 2 time..last year i change the ok and this year the problem came back, i change it again..the problem is settle..2 time i change the lcd..if your phone still have warranty,go to nokia servis..sorry for my bad english

  146. matt Says:

    replace the new about the hardware damage(lcd screen)..i face this problem 2 time..last year i change the ok and this year the problem came back, i change it again..the problem is settle..2 time i change the lcd..if your phone still have warranty,go to nokia malaysia, cost for change lcd is about 40USD (rm100)..sorry for my bad english

  147. pupo Says:

    tnx for answer. Ill buy screen on ebay and replace it by miself (cheapest solution :) )

  148. Rabah Says:

    yup.. i had this problem with my old phone n70 and now i’m suffering from the same problem e75. good reason to not consider nokia as a mobile phone for me anymore!!
    restart doesn’t work, making it warm doesn’t work either.
    i don’t know what is the solution. i reinstalled the software, nothing happend

  149. ahmed Says:

    hello i had the same problem but i fix it u can use any thing magnetic and pass it on the top of the screen 1/3 times ok thats it good luck if its work please leave a comment

  150. Gaurav Says:

    I also have the problem?………….best way to get ur screen display back is ……high up ur dislay brightness and play hd video in full volume for 5-10 min …..and at last lock….unlock ur phone screen will be back to the normal condition……..
    please lock..unlock ur phone when battery or screen gets warm……..

  151. Gaurav Says:

    Another best and cheapest way to get ur screen display back is lock the phone and expose in sunlight….and then unlock ur phone……

  152. Gary Says:

    Nokia’s Flagship Phone Nokia 5800 xm, is having the biggest bug. Its LCD screen gets blurred – multiple horizontal lines, whenever the temperature goes down below, 20 C or so. It is real stupid of them, that, Nokia, which is a Finnish company, should have made phones, which could work in freezing and subfreezing temperature countries. I strongly believe that they have not followed international quality benchmarks. I got my LCD screen changed, the problem has returned back again. I request everyone, whosover have bought the phone, if it is out of warranty, sell this phone and buy new phone, from Samsung or other company. If you get your LCD changed, the problem might return again (in places where the average temperature is below 18 C). People living in Hot countries, but temporarily experiencing this problem in winters, should wait till Summers, the problem will go away, as the room temperature will be above 25 C..then it will be right time to sell it !!!!

  153. Ankit Pasa Says:

    The maximum time of phone’s backlight is 60 seconds. That means if your phone is not touched for max of 60 secs, its light will turn off.
    For longer backlight…
    * Install the Latest UC Browser
    * After installing it, go to MENU < SETTINGS < PREFERENCES < BROWSER < BACKLIGHT TIME SEC(S) – The default seconds are 50, change it to 9999
    * Thats it, now your screen wont turn fuzzy for about 10000 seconds i.e.166 minutes. Though its not a permanent solution, but it costs nothing.
    * IMPORTANT thing is whenever you are done using your phone, please do not put this phone on the WALLPAPER mode. Instead of it, always open UC BROWSER and then you can put your phone untouched for 10000 secs without any FUZZY screen problems.
    * Repeat this procedure once the screen is gone.


    i hope this is helpful to all NOKIA 5800ers.
    CHEERZ \m/

  154. jyothis Says:


  155. catsareamazing Says:

    I got a 3 year old red and black 5800 and still it hasnt experienced anything like this. 5800 <3

  156. Eve Says:

    I know it’s a bit late but have u found out what the problem is?
    Do I really need a new motherboard for my nokia 5800?
    thank u

  157. Rashed lone Says:

    Here is the solution:
    First copy all data from ur internal phone memory (RAM) to other drive, switch off ua phone. After that, press and hold green key (call key), red key (call ending key) and the camera key (on the right below corner) together and press the switch on key (on the top). Keep pressing the switch on/off key till the Nokia handshake logo appears and the other hot keys, when the logo disappears. Now set up ua phone, problem solved, need more help ask me here ….!

  158. John Wheatcroft Says:

    Maybe you’re phone is just cold and it’s “shivering” – LOL
    Stick it in the airing cupboard and warm it up a bit !

  159. Nishan Says:

    Hi..!! M having the same problem wid my nokia 5800.
    Its so disappointing……and i’m getting crazy….have to warmup for 1or 2 mins. Best way is get rid of it and buy another set.
    This phone is only ment for hotter places not colder places…. : )

  160. Abby Says:

    Hi, all, Could it Be the Nokia’s Version of Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death, maybe if i Wrap it up in a towel & place it On the Radiator That might Cure it.

  161. Vahur Says:

    Hello!I’ve the same problem with the screen.I was read a lot of comments here and other sites.There are some temporary solutions: warming up (not for me),some bright screen (not for me) and magnet.Hard reset and display change, maybe helps a time too.The upgrade to higher firmware das not help in all cases – I have the last (60. …).Seems, that one ore two, earlier fw can fix (basic and 50.).But nobody knows the real cause and the permanent solution.
    The bug mantains, for minimum 3 years and I did not read an answer from Nokia – did anybody?If not, shame on the finnish company !!!

  162. Shankar Says:

    Yes. even I have the same problem please let me know if you find any solution.

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