Jordan Times Weekender to be published Thursdays

The Jordan Times has today announced that, by popular demand, will start publishing the Weekender supplement on Thursday instead of Friday. My articles, which regularly appear on 360east are published in that supplement. The whole idea is that the Weekender is supposed to help people spend a better weekend, so getting it on Thursday should be more useful.

Friday editions of newspapers are not very well circulated in Jordan. Many people get their newspaper in the office and are not regular subscribers. I hope that publishing the Weekender on Thursday will expose more people to it.

It’s worth mentioning that when the Jordan Times decided to revive the Weekeneder a couple of years ago, it asked my company, SYNTAX, to come up with the structure and design of the new 8 page supplement. It was one of the nicest projects I worked on. If you live outside Jordan, you can see how it looks

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2 Responses to “Jordan Times Weekender to be published Thursdays”

  1. Roba Says:

    Good deal… I always love reading your articles when they’re in the paper, there’s something so appealing about print.
    Good job on the Fastlink website!

  2. Hady Says:

    You know Ahmad, I know I whined about the need to shift from Friday to Thursday publishing of the Weekeneder, but I was thinking…. if the JT want’s to be REAL innovative, it should publish the Weekender on WEDNESDAYS. That way you can actually begin planning your weekend, which begin’s THURSDAY night, right, on Wednesday….. Just a thought….

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