More crazy stuff with an ‘Islamic’ label on it..

It’s Ramadan. Which is always a good time for the fanatics / forces of darkness / narrow-minded crazies, who have been in the driver seat of muslim culture for too long.. its a good time for them to come up with all kinds of stuff..

  • In Sudan, a woman was jailed, after a judge find her guilty of indecency. Why? She wore trousers.. Read the BBC story..
  • On the internet, someone just launched a Halal search engine. Meaning: it supposedly only returns results in line with some ultra conservative/fanatic interpretation of Islamic teachings.
  • Also on the net, someone launched a ‘pure’ YouTube. Meaning: It shows pre-checked videos that are in line with the above mentioned ‘teachings’. This also means that absolutely no women appear in any video. And music is stripped off videos.

And no, I won’t link to those sites because:

a. I don’t want to increase their Google rankings
b. They already have enough traffic. There are a lot of people who believe that sites like these are good.

Ramadan Kareem!

4 Responses to “More crazy stuff with an ‘Islamic’ label on it..”

  1. Ali Says:

    I toke a look at the ” PURE ” youtube website and it’s ” PURE ” crap!

  2. amjad Says:

    don’t these people have enough wives to keep them busy? oh it’s ramadan. my bad.

  3. amjad Says:

    and my god these nutjobs in Sudan need to take it easy. i grew up thinking Saudi Arabia was the most extremist/religious country, now we have afghanistan, pakistan, sudan, yemen, and somalia competing. where does it end?

  4. kinzi Says:

    Can’t forget the fatwa Amal at Progressive Woman noted, a Saudi cleric did issue a fatwa that women can greet men now. Whew, that was good news.

    You guys grab the wheel of the Muslim culture mobile and the world will be a better place.

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