Fastlink soft-launches new site, designed by SYNTAX :)

I am happy to break the news here. Fastlink today turned on the switch on a brand new website. for a soft launch. This new site was fully architected and designed by SYNTAX. It is one of the most sophisticated and systematic projects we have ever worked on.

The team behind the project (apart from the great team at Fastlink of course) consisted of Hassan Shahin, Senior Information Architect, Ruba Abdelkhaleq, Information Architect, Wael Attili, Senior Designer and yours truly :) .

The backend development work is being done by Eskadenia Software Solutions.

As I said, the site is still in soft launch, but is worth a look!

8 Responses to “Fastlink soft-launches new site, designed by SYNTAX :)”

  1. Eman Says:

    Congratulations! this is great. Wish you more success inshallah!
    As you said the website was worth the look. Great job!

  2. Eman Says:

    Congratulations! this is great. Wish you more and more success inshallah.

    As you said the site was worth a look. Great job!

  3. MMM Says:

    Great job guys :)
    I like what you’ve done with it.

  4. fida tahboub Says:

    Mabrouk Ahmad and the rest of the team! Impressive site with an evident ‘syntax’ touch!! :)

  5. Linda Says:

    mabrook meet elf mabrook!

  6. Heba Shehadeh Says:

    Congratulations Ahmad :)
    A great shift from the site I participated along with other fellow SYNTAXERS to design for FAstlink 5 years ago, really makes you think how things are changing on the internet, less graphics less colours more info and easier navigation!
    Congratulations again I’m so proud to see Fastlink trusting SYNTAX to design their website again :)

    Good luck to all the SYNTAXERS!

  7. Dalia Says:

    Great work :) I love it.. very ‘usable’

    keep it up!

  8. mo Says:

    don’t congratulating your self, the site is horrible, full of bugs, slow as hell, very poor Arabic, childish looking …ohh I see the client wanted that way… …what’s so great about it? Spare me …
    The worst part is the information it collects on users….

    Go to or

    Copy ………..past !

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