SYNTAX gets its own Word Guru

For me, design and writing are the same thing, and I do quite a lot of both. Sometimes I tell people that what got me into design was some weird passion for publishing (like doing a newsletter for our household when I was aged 12 or something like that).

At our company SYNTAX, content and communication are at the heart of what we do. We help clients articulate what their identity is all about and we help them craft words, statements, scripts and stories that inspire and engage.

That’s not always easy, especially in a cut-and-paste world (and a country) where copywriting is often seen as an amassing of businessy buzzwords or grandiose expressions, and where content is often treated as “the text” you insert in a pretty layout.

Enter our Word Guru, Eddie Taylor :-) {More on SYNTAX:CONTEXT]

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  1. Linas Says:

    welcome on board Eddie.. what a great match!

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