Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer on 360east

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I haven’t looked at my site analytics for a while, so this evening I checked out some of my browser stats. It turns out that Firefox users (37% ) have overtaken Internet Explorer users (34%) on this site. So next time when some Microsoft-centric web developer gives you a site that only looks good on IE, punch him/her in the face. It’s OK. Really.

Another interesting fact: Chrome (11%) is inching in on Safari (13%). I know that Chrome as already beaten Safari in general on the web. But I guess I have quite a lot of Mac users following this blog.

Isn’t it amazing that a non-commercial open source browser has dethroned the browser that at one point commanded 90% of traffic on the web. If you’re old enough you’d remember how IE came out of almost nowhere to beat Netscape (which also had a 90%+ market share at one point I think).

Change is the only constant :-)

2 Responses to “Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer on 360east”

  1. Omar Tahboub Says:

    Hmmm. Interesting! You get many more Firefox visitors than the general percentages.

  2. Yanal Says:

    Firefox will eventually overtake IE in every field. The problem is that some old-minded people have a very hard time switching from IE(The classical classic) to Firefox specially the elder ones. My father goes pretty much crazy when I launch Firefox instead of IE for him to use..

    Within the youth, Firefox is the dominant browser without any doubts. In 10 years time, that is when newer generations step up from youth to elder and so on, the percentage of Fx users will rise and it will eventually overtake IE.

    Firefox is free, non-Microsoft-affiliated and is updated automatically to an extent larger than that of IE which consequently makes it safer IMO

    Firefox all the way!

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