360east goes to Mobile World Congress 2010

Mobile World Congress 2010

Yes, 360east is off to Barcelona tonight to attend the Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest get together for the mobile industry and a symbol of the world’s obsession of staying connected anytime, anywhere.

The numbers of people alone is staggering: 50,000 professional will visit the event this year, including, supposedly 2,800 CEOs (are there so many CEOs in the world :-)

Of particular interest to me is the MWC App Planet, a conference and event focused on the the world of mobile application. With Apple’s amazing ascent in the mobile arena, with its App Store, and the response from Nokia, Android and others, applications have suddenly become at the heart of the mobile industry. It’s just about talking and messaging. People want their phones to do everything, and application makers want to make the best of this new ‘gold rush’.

Samsung will be launching its new Bada operating system. And good old Microsoft is launching Windows Mobile 7. Let’s see how these two operating systems intend to compete with the rising stars of the iPhone, Android, Maemo and Blackberry.

I feel overwhelmed already!

Anyway, share with me you thoughts on the mobile industry. I tried to look for Jordanian participation in the congress and found that Globitel, Eskedenia and Intracom are there. If you know any other Jordanian companies participating let me know.

See you in Barcelona.

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3 Responses to “360east goes to Mobile World Congress 2010”

  1. Rula A. Says:

    Wow that is just amazing :) Enjoy every moment there..

  2. Magnus Says:

    Hey, good to meet you in Beirut even though we didn’t get to talk. Hope you’re having a good time in Barcelona too, it’s a pretty amazing thing this MWC.

  3. Shanti Says:

    Unlimited data plan is needed in jordan. for people who think Orange’s or Zain’s unlimited blackberry (BB) service means unlimited data plan, this is wrong. It is unlimited BB service not internet or data plan.

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