TootCorp launches ZOOFS: what Twitter is watching

Zoofs: the hottest youtube videos on twitter

TootCorp, makers of Toot, Ikbis and Watwet, have launched their fourth product and the company’s first aimed at the global market. It’s called ZOOFS.
Here is what TootCorp cofounder Kareem Arafat had to say about it:

Zoofs is a new way to discover YouTube videos that people are talking about on Twitter. Zoofs swallows millions of Tweets searching for YouTube video links, and then ranks them based on popularity. We don’t have access to Twitter’s firehose (we just applied for it a couple of days ago), but even without the firehose, we have come up with a several ways to get a huge number of tweets scanned.

We kept the presentation simple and straight-forward. Even better, the interface works and looks great on the iPad and iPhone! The amount of videos we are picking off Twitter ensures that even video junkies will enjoy the power of discovering YouTube videos on Zoofs.

You can browse through videos by categories, and filter videos by showing only those that were uploaded on YouTube in the past 72 hours. You will also notice that some videos have the “Must Watch” ribbon on them. These are videos that the team at Zoofs are loving and thought are worth highlighting.

The team at TootCorp have a ton of cool ideas of what can be done with ZOOFS. But for now they will be watching how people use the site.

Check out ZOOFS now.

6 Responses to “TootCorp launches ZOOFS: what Twitter is watching”

  1. هيثم الشيشاني Haitham Al-Sheeshany Says:


  2. Yassir Says:

    I dont get it, why would people want to be linked back and fourth and again to pages that are pointless to begin with, I mean, look at the front page, you’ll see that most of what’s there isn’t even remotely interesting.

    Social media is dominated by stupid teens, why even bother. :P

  3. Amjad Says:

    @ yassir
    those stupid teens you are talking about are the major driver (if not the only) of the entertainment industry, they set its rules and quite often adults endorse and follow them.

    “social media is dominated by stupid teens, why even bother”
    what does that even mean? seriously it’s like saying we shouldn’t bother building a supermarket in your neighbourhood because it is full of idiots.

  4. iphone case Says:

    @Yassir : have right.a lot of stupid young teens use social media to say how “cool” they are, but in real life they are nothing.

  5. Dave Says:

    Good news, Yassir, you are not sociable)

  6. YBaggili Says:

    Great idea!
    But I’d have to agree with ‘Yassir’...
    I wonder if it can be developed to allow for categorization or preference personalization?
    But then again, that defies its purpose!
    I’ll give it time then…
    Great idea!

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