A wall in our time

Anti wall vigil poster. Designed by Ahmed Khalidi
Images of brave German citizens smashing the Berlin Wall in 1989 are being replaced in our minds by a the images of Israel’s separation wall in the West Bank. Like every other event, the wall’s construction is experienced by most of us on the TV screen and in the press. But the daily reality of the ever-growing wall is more horrible than any picture. A friend from Palestine recently described her feeling to me living in the shadow of the wall: “we feel like chicken being let in and out of a cage”.

This distance between image and reality seems to be the driving force behind Mary Nazzal’s ‘Stop The Wall’ installation and exhibition which currently is on show in Darat Al Funun. Instead of just ‘informing’ the audience via texts and pictures, she built a replica of a section of the wall inside the rooms of Darat al Funun.. Supported with photos, texts and sound effects, this installation brings the visitor closer to the feeling of claustrophobia that millions of Palestinians experience everyday.

Unlike the real wall, which, depressingly will continue to menace the land, the installation will come down February 24. Go and see it now.

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