Death of free wireless internet at Queen Alia Airport

It’s sad.. Just sad. The airport just doesn’t ‘get it’! The free wireless is gone. And here’s an example on how this refelcts on the airport’s image..

From Philip’s Blog

Little over a month ago, Ahmad Humeid reported about the great free W-LAN access at Queen Alia airport in Amman. Now let’s try it out I thought when I sat waiting there yesterday morning. But alas, the free service has ended, it seems, the “guest” account is disabled, you can only use the service if you are flying Crown Class… I asked in the VIP lounge, and the guy told be that yes, W-LAN is available, but only if you have a Crown Class ticket and are thus eligible to enter. Now that’s a step backward, and something that the airport management should definitely reconsider. Arriving in Frankfurt later that day, I passed through one W-LAN zone after another…

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2 Responses to “Death of free wireless internet at Queen Alia Airport”

  1. jon Says:

    I agree with you, and i dont think its too late to do something about this, maybe if you send a short message about this to the Jordantimes, and to RJ, they will reconsider this. Especially that we have seen that in recent days officials seem very interested in ‘fixing’ the airport.

  2. Isam Bayazidi Says:

    That is bad.. only when you think that they made a step forward, you see few steps backward to follow..

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