The plane that didn’t crash in Aqaba and the bomb that didn’t explode in Istanbul!

Tuesday evening we were all glued to the web news sites at the office. Friends started calling from abroad and a sense of gloom and concern hung over our heads. Reuters was reporting a plane crash in the King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba. Al Jazeera went as far as reporting that it was a passenger plane and that there were causalities! Then after an hour of speculation news started coming in that there was no plane crash and it was just a brake failure in a Moldovan CARGO plane.

The source of the first story was the Israeli ZAKA organization (which is a voluntary rescue organization). Other news report talked about Israeli ambulances getting ready to cross into Jordan to help with the situation.

Needless to say, the retraction of the crash story and the clarifications from the authorities gave us a sigh of relief. But the minute the story was retracted, another story broke on the net (again I saw it on Al Jazeera). An explosion in Istanbul. Oh god!

15 minutes later as I was listening to the BBC in my car on my way home, THAT story was retracted too..

What an evening!

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    [...] I came upon some really hilarious Ammanish material on the Jordanian blogosphere today and here are some of the stuff that just made my day, especially as today was particularly depressing with alerts and false alerts. [...]

  3. Reme Says:

    Strange Today we cry bomb when it was not but the troop plane on April 17th 1957 was not so lucky. That was a bomb but the authorities said it was “mechanical failure. Times and politics change

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