Palestinian Lyrical Front

Palestinian rappers and their lyrical hip hop resistance. See the ‘Slingshot’ documentary here (in Quicktime) or here (in Windows Media).

Via Yazan Malakha’s Journal. (more links to songs can be found there).

4 Responses to “Palestinian Lyrical Front”

  1. Yazan Malakha Says:

    I think this is worthy of a podcast

  2. Humeid Says:

    The video is showing up in my RSS feed! I just saw that on iTunes today.

  3. Yazan Malakha Says:

    The video (VidCast) also made it to Podcast Pickle..


  4. Hala Says:

    I agree with Yazan about the podcast.
    Ok, I spoke too soon, I just saw that the trailer is already there in Ahmad’s podcast. However, I think it would be awesome to get a discussion going on this and get people’s opinions. I’ve been waiting all year for this film to come out!

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