MixUp Arabia episode 5: testing the iRiver 790 recording feature

MixUp Arabia is back.. sort of. Go ahead.. Accuse me of geekery and “podcasting about podcasting” if you want. That’s exactly what I am doing here! I am testing by brand new iRiver iFP 790. It can record! From a Mic! Even my professional Mic. Cool!

I am hoping to do some mobile podcasts from now on with this device. Expect a MixUp Arabia CarCast soon. Reporting from the streets of Amman!

MixUp Arabia, the Arab world’s first podcast by the way :) , is supposed to be a show about Media, technology and culture in the confusing context of a changing Arab world. So if you have comments and suggestions for the show, please contact me here: ahmad.humeid(at)gmail.com.

Go to the Podcasting category to find the previous episodes.

Listen here in MP3 (4 min 36 sec/ 2.2 MB)

7 Responses to “MixUp Arabia episode 5: testing the iRiver 790 recording feature”

  1. nasimjo Says:

    That means we finally’ll be having a mobile Radio station broadcasting from the streets of the capital ;)
    well , not broadcasting but well….. still the 1st one daring for it…
    way to go ahmad ….

    Btw, I have been following your casts since episode 1.

  2. Global Voices Online Says:

    From the Jordanian Blogosphere

    On International Affairs:
    With the Israeli withdrawal, there is a lot to say in the Jordanian blogosphere about Palestine, both in relation to the withdrawal and otherwise. Biesan describes the withdrawal as “a historic day for the Palestinian p…

  3. nasimjo Says:

    Gave the cast a lsn last night!
    impressive sound quality! for real!
    it was MONO….but it was in a high Q…

    waiting for ur on the move casts:)

  4. Ameen Malhas Says:

    So … a metapodcast ? ;)

    I’m listening to your car-cast now, good sound quality, I love the content. Thanks Ahmad.

  5. QArab Says:

    Just found your blog and podcast.. really cool… thinking about doing something similar on my blog.



  6. Mel Liles Says:

    Your podcasts have given me an idea. I am a member of a group called “Great Decisions” (greatdecisions.org). We discuss American foreign policy and I would like to add a new dimension to these small group discussions by IP videoconference connections with similar small groups of ordinary citizens of mideastern countries. Direct hookups people-to-people, bypassing politicians and corporate controlled news media. Anyone interested???

  7. Huub Koch Says:

    Good sound! I work with the i-River T30 with the Vivanco EM 35 microphone.

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