My list of WLAN / WiFi Hotspots in Amman / Jordan

I got a comment on an old entry from reader Ahmad with a list of Wifi/WLAN hotspots in Amman. I added the ones I know of and posted them on a page.

There doesn’t seem to be a comprehensive list of hotspots in Jordan, so I am using this page to start one. Comment on the page or email me if you know of any hotspots I missed. Thanks.

14 Responses to “My list of WLAN / WiFi Hotspots in Amman / Jordan”

  1. Jad Says:

    Donuts factory – Mecca st.

  2. Nader Says:

    Regency Palace Hotel (Paid)

  3. nasimjo Says:

    thanx.. a very good idea indeed..

    u’ll be soon adding to the list: The Hashemite University – Faculty of IT as a 1st stage & the whole University as a 2nd.

    But U MUST add to the List:
    4th Circle – Free : signals source = Prime Ministry
    8th Circle – Free, prefered above the bridge , source = Ministry of IT & Telecom …

    hehe… for more info see:

  4. David Says:

    Thanks for the list. It’s nice to know, even though I never lug my laptop anywhere due to its girth.

  5. Andrew Popplewell Says:

    A couple to add to your list:-

    Tche Tche Cafe, Abdoun – Free
    Living Room – Free (seen adverts but not tried)

    Marriott , Dead Sea – Paid
    Movenpick, Petra – Wi Fi signal but no internet connectivity

    I also have two Wi fi hot spots in our apartments here, but their location would be telling :)

    On a personal view point, the service at the Prime Mega Store cafe is just about the right price 1.5JD per hour unlike the 6 JD’s for one hour in most 5 star hotels.

  6. nasimjo Says:

    ahh, forgot Movenpick dead sea (PAID OF COURSE) & Radisson Sas Amman (Paid for sure) ...
    ahmad why dont u enable comments on the List page where u would get out comments & add the places to the list without publishing the comment it self! just a thought!

  7. Jad madi Says:

  8. Mike Says:

    the gate in aqaba serviced by rovers AP

    olympia hotel in abdoun is served by some AP weak signal but works i had to use a passive repeater to use it for long periods .

    pls note that both antenna’s and passive repeaters can be homemade if needed also not far from NYIT in umuthana
    free from some privet AP weak signal but works well.

    the front of the toyota main showroom in mekah street has 2 AP
    free service from someof the offices and shops in the area
    good if you wanat to check youe email on a friday morning buy your coffee at star bucks drink it in the car and save on the fee access

    some one just above wadi saqra trafic lights has some powerfull AP
    park before the trafic lights towardes shmisani and scan

  9. Heni Says:

    Just the other day I saw a sign at Jerards Ice cream on Abdoun circle says, WIFI Hotspot, didn’t check it out but will do.
    So guys look out for more like these signs.
    Good luck to all.

  10. moey Says:
    • Spot cafe (as-salt, in front of amman al-ahliyyah university), wanadoo provided for free.
    • Black & Orange (as-salt, in front of amman al-ahliyyah university) / 1.5 jd for an hour.
  11. marwan Says:

    iSystem apple center , and it is free

  12. Tom Says:

    Darotel in Shemisani has free wifi as well

  13. Tom Says:

    Al Khaledi Hospital on the 4th circle. I picked up a non-encrypted signal in the maternity ward.

  14. hitham Says:

    AT Alzaytoonah University you can find one. (PAID)

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