IMPORTANT ALERT: Linotype´s 1st Arabic Type Design Competition

Linotype Arabic Type Design Contest

Attention all designers: Linotype is running an Arabic Type Design Contest. This is exciting! Linotype used to be the best source of Arabic type in the pre-desktop publishing days (and also in the beginning of the DTP ear). It seems they regained interest in Arabic type (it’s about time too!).


See the details here. Linotype have provided detailed information on how to submit entries, and even provided some instructions on how to generate the fonts in a proper manner.

Thanks to our friend Alexander Brancyck of xplicit for bringing this to my attention.

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4 Responses to “IMPORTANT ALERT: Linotype´s 1st Arabic Type Design Competition”

  1. mirachka Says:

    This seems to be nice although i am more into interior design :)

  2. Global Voices Online Says:

    From the Jordanian Blogosphere

    The hottest topic this week on the Jordanian blogosphere is regarding the lack of political blogs on portal Jordan Planet. Firas of IHeartAmman claims that “You know something is wrong when bloggers are neglecting local political issues“. ...

  3. Mark Henna Says:


    i would like to introduce you to the first Arabic type foundry created by a Jordanian graphic designer: ihsan hammouri, please take a look:

    i love this website because it got a smart solution of mixing both of the modern and the traditional Arabic design in one nice Art work.

  4. jihad- lamia Says:

    we want to win

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