Jordan Planet blogger meeting 2 Oct 2005

Jordan planet blogger meeting 2 Oct 2005

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Had a cool, tech free, blogger meeting :) We didn’t even discuss spma filters. Damn! Instead we discussed political blogging (or the lack thereof in Jordan), responsible blogging and the phenomena of rude commenting, the future of Jordan Planet (world domination plans) and other blogging stuff. Enjoyed cool impersonations by Laith.

More on the meeting on Roba’s blog.

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  1. Lina Says:

    and we thought you had the best camera ;p
    how come I get cut out? and Isam as well! is this responsible reporting? ;)

    It was great meeting you (considering that the first time I did it was only for a few minutes!) I think the whole meet-up was very interesting yesterday, and I left with some points to really ponder and try to figure out.

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