The man behind an image we grew up with!


Talk about an enduring brand identity!

Anyone born in the 1970s and after has literally grown up with the image of the similing boy on Kinder chocolate. That same image has been used for over three decades now. Can we imagine Kinder without this face?

The man behind the Kinder face

Now, the man behind the face has revealed his identity: Guenter Euringer! At the same time, his face is now being replaced by a new image on Kinder packaging. The end of an era indeed and the the wake up call for us 70’s children: we are no longer kids (we now HAVE kids). See the new packaging here.

From the BBC story:

The German boy who has been the face of Kinder chocolates for 32 years has finally revealed his identity.
Guenter Euringer, whose dazzling smile has helped sell millions of boxes of chocolate bars, is now 42 and ready to talk about his secret life as an icon.

His autobiography, The Chocolate Child, was launched in Munich on Tuesday.

The question he is always asked is how much he earned for the advertisement – and the answer, he says, is just 300 Deutschmarks (150 euros or £100).

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7 Responses to “The man behind an image we grew up with!”

  1. hareega Says:

    I always imagined this kid will never grow up!

  2. jameed Says:

    i always wondered why Kinder never changed that picture. now i know they did. yet, if a company wants to change something that stuck with it for 32 years, wouldn’t it try to make it contemporary at least? i feel that they replaced the kid with the cheesy smile with simply another kid with a similar cheesy smile.

  3. Saqf Says:

    Thanks for revealing the identity of the mystery boy/man! I have wondered many times about his current status. It was good to see him after all these years.

    I have always respected the consistency of their solid identity, but the new face is a nice update.

    Their new Happy Hippo Cacao looks delicious with very nice appealing shape. Yum, yum… This wasn’t a good timing for your post.

  4. onzlo Says:

    Its a bit freaky seeing what the kid looks like now when he’s older, since i always imagined him as a sort of Charlie Brown/ Bart Simpson character i.e. never grows up, same clothes same smile etc…

    They shouldent have ‘updated’ the packeging either, the new kid sucks, the old one was much cooler, his freaky white teeth were Kinder’s identity to me, and now all that has gone to waste forever booohooo hoo….

    OK maybe im making too much of a deal out of some lousy chocolate wrapper

  5. 3anzeh Says:

    well, i never really knew that the kid was real, thot he was some sort of an animated charachter, mmm, i think who ever found this info should get a life, because its not like u sloved a mystery or anything by revealing the identity of kinder boy!

  6. An italian friend Says:

    Hi guys,
    in Italy a group of people is fighting to have the old kinder boy back on the packages. Give a look at this site:
    (Translated title : A chocolate bar is forever)

  7. sircam Says:

    They did the same to the old “Captain Iglo” on the fish sticks boxes, where they replaced the aging captain by a younger man: [French]

    Seems like nowadays, we can’t enjoy and rely on good old stuffs anymore. Companies have to change their names every 5 years and their logo even more often… Although nothings beats a good vintage logo or picture.

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