The Jordan Times turns 30..

The Jordan Times rolls off the press

The Jordan Times turned 30 Wednesday. A special supplement was published on the occasion. It opens with a letter to the editor by HM King Abdullah II. I quote a paragraph here..

“We open The Jordan Times and are confident of finding the best in breaking news, feature articles, and important commentary. We’ve appreciated your modern, reader-friendly design, and The Jordan Times website that opens a window on Jordan to the whole world.”


Editor-in-Chief Jenny Hamarneh wrote an interesting overview of the paper’s story and had this to say about SYNTAX’s involvement:

“In 2003 we revived our Weekender, bringing readers a full-colour tabloid size supplement offering a peek at Jordan’s nook and crannies, a taste of the creativity of its novelists and poets, and a surf through the local/global world of information technology. A year later, the creative team at Syntax, led by once a journalist and currently a weekly contributor to the Weekender, Ahmad Humeid, brought the JT into the 21st century with a new look, more local content, including the lighter City page, and more opinion and analysis.”


Thanks.. and happy birthday JT.

Jordan Times: First Issue
The Jordan Times’ first issue, 1975

6 Responses to “The Jordan Times turns 30..”

  1. karim Says:

    SYNTAX is one of the few design and branding firms in Jordan that have lived up to their cause to exist. The amazing part is your fanatic belief in the power of design and how things should appear.


  2. rami abdelrahman Says:

    Dear Ahmad,

    It was a real pleasure seeing you working on the new JT design and you’ve done a good job at it!

    I’d like to consider myself a graduate of the great school of journalism that is called The Jordan Times, I think it is the best employer in Jordan! It is a real honor to be trained by the expertise there, and I wish them success and prosperity!

  3. Khalaf Says:

    I with the JT had an archiving system that lasts more than a week. It is bad for bloggers to link to stories which are not archived long enough. Maybe they should splurge and buy a new hard drive.

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  5. Varoujan Etyemezian Says:

    Enjoyed reading The Jordan Times since it became on line, specialy the news the articles and the inteligent commentary.
    Wish you the very best and a happy 30th anniversary.

  6. Nijma Says:

    Too bad they still don’t have RSS feed. I was an avid reader of JT and even wrote some freelance pieces for them back when I was living in Amman. I’d love to have their feed on my google feedreader.

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