Tragedy. Hope.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Palestinian’s organs go to Israel
The parents of a Palestinian boy killed by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank have donated his organs for use in Israel, in the hope of promoting peace.

Twelve-year-old Ahmed Ismail Khatib was shot in the town of Jenin by troops who mistook his toy gun for a real one.

His organs were transplanted into five Israeli children and a woman aged 58.

His father, Ismail, said saving lives was more important than religion, and added: “I feel that my son has entered the heart of every Israeli.”

3 Responses to “Tragedy. Hope.”

  1. Ameen Malhas Says:

    We should all hope to have hearts as big as this. On every side of every conflict. Truly inspirational.

  2. Suemi Says:

    It is a very touching story but at the same time I wonder why the organs of the child were not donated to the Arabs who also need help. Was this news widely published in Israeli and international media? What is the view of the Arabs about the organ donations, especially when it comes to their own close family members?

  3. Mariam Says:

    As Ameen said, this is a very inspirational story. I am not sure why we tend to think that religion is against something like this. I believe Islam has no problem with either Christianity or Judaism… maybe Muslims do, but has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with politics, culture, history…etc. I don’t think that there is anything in any religion that says don’t save the lives of children of different religions, because it is 7aram!!

    Sorry if drifted from the original idea… but this father is right, saving lives is more important than baseless prejudices…

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