They will consume themselves..

A clear-headed analysis by my friend Mazen:

“The rhetoric of Al-Qaeda is to glorify sacrifice above all. It is an emotional appeal to demonstrate committment without really offering an ideology of what they are really sacrficing for. What is so great about the wife of one of the suicide bombers following her husband? Presumably this is a selling point? The rhetoric of martyrdom is revolting whoever says it, whichever culture extols it. The notion that something is more sacred than life is extremely dangerous, and frankly demeaning to our peoples.”

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They will consume themselves

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  1. Melvyn Bloomberg Says:

    I remember on my first visit to Jordan some years ago, my suprise at hearing the bag pipes been played.I went to the lobby of the hotel and wittnesed a weding taking place.My friend Adil explained it was a common thing in Jordan.Each time I visit during the weding season I look forward to the warmth,emotion,pride, and inclusive nature of the weding party.So how much more painful to see a fellow so called Islamic person being the cause of so much pain.Nothing good can come of this event.That been said I see the Jordaiian people marching for peace and the brining together of so many diferent social groups,united in one cause as a good thing.God works in mysterious ways,his miricales to preform.I pray for a miricale for all the people,in every part of the world.

  2. Steve Says:

    Where is the video of the actual terror act? There are many security video cameras in the hotel. The guests of the wedding must have also had video cameras. Where are the videos? Israel shows the video of any terror attack if one exists. Why is the footage of the terror attack being withheld from the public? They can at least show us the terrorist up to the point they were about to blow themselvs up. We don’t need to see the whole thing. PROOF PLEASE!

  3. Global Voices Online Says:

    From the Jordanian Blogosphere

    “Candle Light Vigil in Amman” by Isam Bayazidi
    Amongst anger, grief, the detaining of the female accomplice, demonstrations all around the world, new claims released by Al-Qaeda, the week after the bombings has been very busy for the Jo…

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