Jordan’s Al-Rai newspaper to start publishing a “Reform and Enlightenment” weekly supplement

Al-Rai, Jordan’s biggest selling daily (partially government owned), has announced today that it will start publishing a ‘Reform and Enlightenment’ weekly supplement as a contribution to “achieve a clarity of vision against the various forms of extremism and bigotry and takfir, and to raise the flag of enlightenment in the Arab world, allowing reason to be the judge and reference.., and to make moderation the prevailing feature in thought, politics and society.”

I can only hope that Al-Rai follows through with this announcement and invites the many Arab and international writers and thinkers who can credibly give a voice to true reform and the culture of enlightenment. This is desperately needed. It is EXTREMELY important that such a supplement does not become overtly philosophical. We cannot only talk to the 10 intellectuals in Jordan but to everyone.

It is a huge challenge to be able to communicate the concepts of modernity, human rights, democracy, reason, social change and a deep understanding of our history to general readers. It will not be very useful if this supplement only prints long, complex articles that almost no one will be able to understand (although such articles can be part of the mix of course).

Maybe this is a belated effort. Although there have been efforts in this direction before, we shouldn’t have waited until we are have been hit to strongly confront the ideology of extremism and terror. The difference this time should be that this effort should be primarily exerted at the popular level. For example schools should become a focal point of any enlightenment effort, despite the expected resistance from some teachers.

Our response to the bombing in the coming few weeks is of extreme importance. It will set our local agenda and be an example for others in this part of the world. Stressing the need for deep political and cultural reforms and enlightenment should be key components of our response.

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  2. Tamani Jawhar Says:


    Does this mean you are looking for International Writers with an open mind and worldly experience? I live here watching resistance to positive change daily. Everyone is watching the West and picking the trash from them. Where are healthy Islamic values, cleanliness, and decency toward each other? Since I moved here from the U.S., I have seen things that have appauled me and been treated like a second-class citizen. A society which wishes to grow and develop into something world-class, must open hearts and minds to citizen of the world who wish to reside here and contribute, whatever can be offered, to expand and assist the developement and improvement of the people. I, myself, am a Master of English Education, with English as a Second Language (ESL) Certification. Can you believe I have been here for two years with no Permanent Residency, and no decent job? Whenever I have work, it’s only part-time. I would love a permanent position writing on the staff of a newspaper whose editor wishes to address the real problems which are causing a potentially grand country, Jordan, to stagnate. “Reform and Enlightenment” certainly sounds great, but do you have the freshness of minds, experience, and talent of individuals from outside this society, who have the courage for such an undertaking?

    Tamani Jawhar

  3. Dr faraj ali alzuriqat. Says:

    im not against the local mind but that thoughts should cope the global environment by the way of understanding to get the benefit of it for example in business we are related to the international market and should have the ability to deal with it by using the mind can cope the changes and the complicated variables whatever that mind local or adapted to the lacal environment.people like for example to do the easy way of duplication like to be involved in transactions and its not related to there field in this case we should ask the acknowledged person and get benefit of the international feedbacks because whatever our feeling we are apart of it due to our social life or economic and it the impact of the global environment.

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