Jordanian Tech Humor: getting it all wrong in Al-Ghad

I really like Al-Ghad. I mean, I’m a subscriber and get the paper every morning. But reading through the paper technology supplement today was one of those ‘should I laugh or should or should I cry moments’. Consider this list of mistakes found in the ‘technology panorama’ pages:

1. The company iDefence is spelled both correctly and with an ’s’ as iDefense in one small article.
2. Apple’s new iBook will COMPETE with Intel’s Yonah processor! (Apple’s iBook will USE the processor).
3. Universal Binaries is the name of a company!! (It’s actually the name of Mac software that can run on both the upcoming Intel Macs and the older PowerPC based macs).
4. Rosetta is a system by Intel!! (Rosetta is the name of Apple’s technology that allows the new Intel Macs to run the older PPC software).
5. The Microsoft logo is displayed with the slogan ‘All your base are belong to us’ Obviously someone did a Google Image search and just stuck a spoofed logo on the page.
6. The term ‘processor’ is written in English all over the page! (What about the Arabic translation of Mu3alij?).
7. iTunes is a company. (It’s the name of Apple’s music store and player software).

What the heck is going on here?

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6 Responses to “Jordanian Tech Humor: getting it all wrong in Al-Ghad”

  1. Roba Says:

    That’s hilarious.. Aside from wrong facts, I can’t believe they used something with “all your bases belong to us”!
    Hadol 7aram yoktobu il technological section when they’re not familiar with internet geek culture :P

  2. Yazan Malakha Says:

    Apple’s iBook with USE the processor? grin

  3. Chivas Says:

    I think you meant that Apple WILL use the processor :)

  4. Humeid Says:

    Chivas and Yazan… thank for correcting my correction. I now corrected it :)

  5. Karim Says:

    الثعلب الناري Firefox! Algad translation in one of those issues too.

    الثعلب الناري يركض وراء مستكشف الانترنت

    Rosetta can also be translated حجر الرشيد

    I am afraid a day will come when they have a headline:
    انتل تطرح معالجات تفاح

    And then Ahmad will have a lot to blog about… even more

  6. HoUzeR Says:

    what really got my attention was the article about the ATI Radeon graphics card, they were talking about it like it was the best in the market, didnt they hear about the NVidia 7800 GT, GTX, GTX SLI, the 256 MB and 512 MB! the 256 MB beats the radeon XT 1800 512 MB in many aspects! they just were trying to give the distributors some free advertisement or smthn…

    u can check my Blog for some links and view the post about this… its quoted from a site cauz why reinvent the wheel…

    did u see our company pic in al ghad? ;) am the one on the right hehehe the asmarani one hehehe

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