To Al-Ghad tech editor: respect our intelligence!

This is not funny anymore. In today’s Al Ghad tech supplement I found. among other things, these stories:

Al ghad yahoo rss article

The traslation sucks. Easily translatable words like ‘blog entree’ are just kept in English. The whole thing is nearly unintelligible. I am sorry but this not what we expect from Jordan’s ‘next generation’ newspaper.

Now have a look at this:

al ghad skype story

Now it’s not just bad translation. The headline says that Skype 2.0 enables ‘shooting video’ during a call. Heard of video telephony?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to find something to pick on. I am just sick and tired of the ‘lack of quality’ in so much stuff arounds us. Sloppy translation and journalism are just a symptom of a larger problem.

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15 Responses to “To Al-Ghad tech editor: respect our intelligence!”

  1. Janti Says:

    Man, I can’t agree more!

    I find my self admitting that I agree with you, finally. lol just kiddin’.

    Tell me about lack of quality, quality is something that became rare nowadays, sadly.

    Can’t talk more, this issue step on my nerves.

    Have a nice day. :)

  2. jameed Says:

    a few days ago al ghad had an article about mice. in it is mentiontion that logitech will launch a new mouse in the “coming year of 2001”

    eh..what are 5 years in the general scheme of things?

  3. Khalidah Says:

    And that’s only 2 things in today’s issue …

    Thank you for bringing it up

  4. Alaa Says:

    I don’t know why you always targeting alghad, other newspapers have much more (Fadaye7)..

    I think Alghad better than many others

  5. Humeid Says:

    I target al ghad because I like the paper. I subscribed right when it started. so i happen to read it everyday. I feel it has the potential of setting new standards in jordan. they should take more care of their tech pages.. they should not aim at being ‘better’. instead they should try to be professionaly and great.

  6. Janti Says:

    “I feel it has the potential of setting new standards in jordan.”

    Where that feeling came from? wondering…

    Maybe becasue of the name!? hmmm…

  7. salam Says:

    Ahmad..I feel sorry for AL Ghad because you have your eye on their every you ,I did like the paper and satrt reading it as soon as it started but some of the things they do is just unforgivable.My dad once wrote an article in Al Rai,and he reads every single jordanian daily ..the following week he found his article under a fake name..when he complained he was told that this “person”sent them the article and they did not know that he stole it from another be honest..i didn’t buy that..BUT you know what they say..ina ba3da al than ithm!!

  8. Khaled Says:

    Why not write to the editors? heck, I think everyone who agreed with you on these commens should write to the editors. If they get enough mail to be bothered, they will do something about it.

  9. Laith Zraikat Says:

    In the article about blogs, theres something called “نصوص فائقة رابطة”
    I tried to think what that could be, then I realized they were translating “Hyper-linked text”

    Then there’s “فرق الأخبار” which I think means “Newsgroups”.

    I seems the original english text was passed through a translation software without being technically reviewed afterwards.


    Why al ghad is next generation newspaper?

  11. Janti Says:

    “Why not write to the editors? heck, I think everyone who agreed with you on these commens should write to the editors. If they get enough mail to be bothered, they will do something about it.”

    Don’t count on that.

  12. Editor Says:

    IT Editor, Al Ghad

    I am very happy you are reading us… and I am also thrilled that the supplement is getting all this attention from technology lovers all around Jordan… your comments are welcome and we definitely will pay attention to all the things that u raised…
    However, I still don’t like Mudawana for a blog… who invented this quite outdated term.. Then why not use 7asoob instead of computer and Hasoob daftari instead of laptop…
    U know what, lets start a debate on this translation issue and I will be more than happy to take part because translating IT related terminology is no easy task… if anybody has “invented” a new word, please email me at {edited}

    Thank u all
    And hey Mr. Humeid… I have a feeling u r smart… and inshAllah I will respect ur intelligence…

  13. Massina Says:

    Oh dear God… The IT Editor for Al-Ghad uses “U r”? Then subsequently lectures that the use of Arabicised terms for English words as outdated?

    Where on earth did they dig up this guy?

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