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The site is gone..!

Adobe Macromedia

After the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe, the decision was to ‘retire’ the Macromedia brand. Here’s what the FAQ has to say:

What will happen to the Macromedia corporate brand? What will happen to product and technology brands, such as Dreamweaver and Flash?
To provide the most consistency and clarity in our communication with customers, the Macromedia corporate brand will immediately be retired, and the company will fully align behind the Adobe corporate brand.

Adobe will continue investing in key Macromedia product brands. Initially, product brands acquired from Macromedia will include the Macromedia name (for example, “Macromedia Dreamweaver”). Over time, Macromedia products will migrate to the Adobe brand (for example, “Adobe Dreamweaver”) during planned release cycles when packaging materials and user and marketing collateral are updated.

I am a bit disappointed at this whole thing. The new Adobe seems to be in a monpolistic position now. I am afraid they will now become even more staid with the threat of Macromedia gone. I don’t know..

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  1. David Says:

    I believe Adobe purchased Macromedia for Flash and a couple other minor technologies that Macromedia is known for. Macromedia’s other major products (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc.) will probably be disolved or integrated into Adobe’s existing line. After all, I’m sure Adobe’s plan is to grab the best from Dreamweaver, shove it into GoLive, and be done with it.

  2. MMM Says:

    I visited Macromedia’s site yesterday and found that, and it kind of depressed me a bit.

    I was quite a fan of Macromedia and liked the way they did things, and I’m afraid Adobe will just mess everything up now.

    I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

  3. Khaled Hassounah Says:

    I actually attended a discussion with Shantanu Narayen, the COO of Adobe a couple of months ago at a conference in Berkeley, CA.

    In that discussion Shantanu focused alot on the aqcuisition, why it was happening and what it meant.

    This is definitly not a buy-the-small-competitor kind of deal. There is actually little overlap between the flagship products for both companies. Macromedia is mostly about the interactive live user interface, while Adobe is more about the document management and authoring tools and formats.

    What they are trying to do with the aqcuisition is provide one (monopolistic?) set of solutions for all your contents, whether live or not.

    Adobe (according to Shantanu) was realizing that a big part of the future is going to be the interactive content, and macromedia was a way for them to cover the grounds of interactive user interface.

    For instance, Macromedia is pushing very very hard towards putting Flash on mobile devices, which is a direction that would be very limited for Adobe to take. At the same time, Adobe is a respected content creation brand, which Macromedia is not necessarily known for (it is more about the interaction than the content). So there should be interesting synergy.

    I was like you skeptical and annoyed at the beginning, but it was very interesting to hear Shantanu’s perspective on it. I think I’m sold ;-)


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  5. mustapha Says:

    such a shame

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