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A shout out to Jordanian radio fans everywhere (I know many of you visit this site!). SYNTAX has just completed the web site of Play 99.6, Jordan’s No.1 Hit Music Station :) [Visit the site]

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5 Responses to “ launched!”

  1. hareega Says:

    hahahaha so it’s called number one even before it’s being launched and people started listening to it :D

  2. Hamzeh Says:

    Good job on the web site. Very nice graphics you’re using.

    But God how I hate those stupid Radio self advertising sound clips that they play every 5 minutes on the air or when you start listening to their streaming music on the internet! These radio commercials kept me irritated for years while I was in the US listening to KB-zift-el-6een, KY-ne7na-seg3een, or KW-why-oh-god-why-r-u-still-tuned-to-this-stupid-station. So last time I was home I turn on the radio and the same stupid radio commercials are used by play fm :pulling hair: :D

    Good job on the site!

  3. Ibrahim Says:

    very nice & creative design …
    i love this style of designs, it give the site more life and it reflects the type of the radio musics somehow …

    for me i hate thier style of songs, i like mood radio station style more …

    but excellent job …

  4. promises Says:

    I liked the design alot but not the station:p should be more varied and their song selection isnt the best

    and lol@ being No1 hit station before hitting the grounds

  5. nasimjo Says:

    branding baby branding!


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