Something is WRONG with Google!


People.. My digital life has become unbearable. All Google services are horribly slow. Google searches are NOT working half of the time or take over a minute to load. Google adsense ads take forever to appear. Some of us in the office are starting to use and MSN for searches instead of Google.

The Google experience is totally ruined for me! Google used to stand for speedy page loads. Now it’s seriously broken.

I worte about this last week. But does anyone out there know what is going on?

1. Is it just a problem in Jordan?
2. Have you experienced the problem elsewhere?
3. Do you have any info about this whole situation.


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10 Responses to “Something is WRONG with Google!”

  1. Khalidah Says:

    I really don’t have any info, but I have been experiencing the same difficulty and I share the disappointment.

    Until this problem is solved; I recommend that you use Yahoo search. For me it is second best after google and it is working fine.

  2. jameed Says:

    Google and its services have been working just fine for me in the western part of the US. Nothing unusually slow about it. Good luck…

    PS did you hear that Google bought 5% of AOL?

  3. Yazeed Al Oyoun Says:

    Yes, I noticed that and I have the same problem, i’m with TEDATA, whats your ISP?

  4. Isam Bayazidi Says:

    Yesterday was the first time I use Yahoo for months. Same as you, Google is very slow, and many times not even reachable. 1st, yes, it is only Jordan. It could be only Wanadoo, check with others with other ISPs.
    We can contact Google as you did, to ask them to report this issue, we need to coordinate that though.

  5. Janti Says:

    It’s not only in Jordan! check this:

  6. super devoika Says:

    google is working just fine here in scotland…

  7. WALEG Says:

    Call your ISP… The problem is 100% with your ISP if it is the main provider of the internet .. otherwise check whom the main provider of Internet Backbone in Jordan and report this problem … your search results are passing through a certain filter, thats why the results are slow…

  8. same prob here Says:

    It’s not your ISP if you have the same problem as I. Google is the only thing that doesn’t load in less than about a second on my computer. I wonder what is going on with them….......

  9. Dolinko. Says:

    Ihave the sam problem here in Slovenija (Slovenia to you =) ) too. Everything works fine, but Google is often unreachable, or it takes more than 30s to load.
    I have had lots of problems with my ISP, but I don’t think it’s their | this time.

    There is a chance of “government control”.
    In other words, all the results are filtered again, so they don’t show things, that are “not politicly correct”

    In Slovenija we already had lots of problems with our last government, they had a big part of the newspapers in their hands, and also they had 1 (of 2 major TVs (population of Slovenia is 2.000.000 =) )) totaly in their hands,... So I wouldn’t be suprised if they where actually filtering the web. Anyway I hope this problem is going to be solved fast.

  10. Timbo Says:

    No you are not imagining things and it is not your ISP. I live in Australia and Google services have been getting slower and slower all the time, Adwords is usually the culprit for slow websites and GMail is pathetically slow. They also are not indexing websites properly and there is tons of excellent info out there that you will never see, this is due to Google’s data centers running out of room along with their flawed algorithm.

    Google is dying a slow and painful death, in the meantime we all suffer.

    Use Yahoo or Alta Vista, and Yahoo mail is excellent!

    peace :)

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