SYNTAX is cooking (aka: a career opportunity in project coordination)

SYNTAX is seeking to add a project coordinator to the team. We need someone with 0-3 years of experience, who is VERY organized and able to take the pressure of coordinating projects, big and small, between our design/technical teams and our clients. We need people who like to think about, communicate and coordinate branding, design, web, multimedia and architectural projects.

One particular requirement for this person is that we need EXCELLENT writing skills in English (at least). The person should love to write! Writing up strategy reports and research documents is a crucial part of this job.

A background in design, architecture, advertising and media won’t hurt :) . A background in web development, multimedia and engineering would also be very welcome. Being exposed to and aware of the importance of design, branding trends, media developments and technology is really a must for this position.

What we offer is: working with one of region’s most progressive, innovation oriented design companies. A decent working environment that is free of BS, a decent salary with health insurance and social security.

Interested people should write something about themselves and sent it to info ( a t )

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